Charandas Chor

Charandas Chor

The film is derived from a classic folk tale, originally narrated by Vijaydan Detha, and interpreted as folk play by Habib Tanvir. The film charts the tumultuous life of a petty thief, Charandas (Lalu Ram). Curiously he is a man of principles – an honest thief with a strong sense of integrity and professional efficiency. He makes four vows to his Guru, that he would never eat in a gold plate, never lead a procession that is in his honour, never become a king and never marry a princess, thinking all of them are far out possibilities for him. Later, his guru adds a fifth one - never to tell a lie and sets him of on his life's journey which leads him to a kingdom..

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Daniel M (ag) wrote: Story driven, leaving the character's lost on their way. On The Job could have been perfect but nevertheless, it's a win!

Erika K (gb) wrote: Sweet story about a boy with Aspergers syndrome.

Paul D (br) wrote: Solemn depiction of people affected by an impending war, but it is the father-son relationship that gives this film its meaning.

Joseph B (au) wrote: On the surface, it looks like 84 minutes of wandering and cameos, but it is not in vain.

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Ellen T (nl) wrote: i wanna see this soooo bad

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