Charito, I Love You

Charito, I Love You


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Charito, I Love You torrent reviews

CL H (mx) wrote: LOVE (TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM) this movie! Have been recommending to all my friends. You won't be disappointed!

Juli N (fr) wrote: FILM SIDE EFFECTS: Projectile Vomiting, Explosive Diarrhea, Severe Case of Crabs!Other Serious Side Effects May Include Uncontrollable Flatulence, Ruptured Eardrums, Dizziness, Brain Death, or Coma!Seek Immediate Medical Attention if you suffer any of the above symptoms! That or simply avoid watching bad films!

Stephen D (jp) wrote: This was an ok movie. I love to see foreign gay movies and get a sense of what being gay is like in another country. Asian cinema is very different for western movies so that is always fun to see. I love how serious the movie takes itself when for us, it seems a bit like a silly soap opera. Cultural difference is always a great thing, but a much better Asian film would be Eternal summer. An amazing movie that will stay with you long after it has ended. This one not so much.

Andy C (fr) wrote: I'm sure the pop up might drive me mental but it looks so stupid that i'll have to see it whether i'll actually pay to do so or just wait is undecided

Elias N (fr) wrote: A good introduction for Cap but not nearly as good as the latter films.

Nolan M (nl) wrote: Dave Chapelle kicks ass in this movie

Ayrie C (nl) wrote: One of those few instances where I would argue that the movie was better than the book, Ichikawa's Tony Takitani breathes a whole new life into Murakami's own. The editing of this movie is flawless; the monotonous movement of the film is broken only by key scenes and/or characters, while the overlaps in script between the narrator and the characters in the movie is a pleasant way to break the monotony in dialogue.Apart from its amazing technical sensibility, the film also effectively communicates feeling -- a feat given its minimalism. There is hardly anything I could say that could make you feel the wonder that is Tony Takitani. I suggest that you go see it yourself. I tell you, you will not regret it.

Byron B (ag) wrote: A rehash of the first wild things. A supposedly good girl and bad girl team up to scam some adults. Isaiah Washington is a patsy insurance man. The writers seem to have delusions that their plot is as twisty as the original. The double crosses, reveals during the end credits and the young actors do not make this one titillating.

Nonya B (us) wrote: Funny and fun to watch with family long as they liked it then I'll give it a fair rating.

Usman R (br) wrote: the last 'pindi 2002' scene is the best one!! dint expect the kissing scene :p

charles a (mx) wrote: As a Vietnam veteran, this is the most realistic portrayal of combat in Vietnam that I have ever seen. It took me 5 years before I could sit, and watch it.

Ray K (au) wrote: Edgy, experimental, cold, and disturbing.

J B (de) wrote: Robin Williams lends this lightweight film a much needed gravitas.

Jay B (ag) wrote: Not quite as fun and unexpected as the first, but still a silly laugh or twelve in store here. I'm a fan of Atkinson, so I dove in.

Jude P (ru) wrote: All in all one of the best movies that gives a powerful message on any matter.

Jei P (ca) wrote: who wants a normal heart when you can have a heart that can heal and help so many extra ordinary hearts