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Users reviews

Brian B (jp)

None of the humor was lost in the transition from one movie to the other. Its almost like a continuation more so than a follow-up. Somehow, this sequel is just as funny as the original

Grant T (us)

Yes it was totally stupid, but I actually had a blast watching this! The teenagers gave some nice performances for being a raunchy group

Ilsa L (br)

The story of Josh Waitzkin's early interest in chess that was inspired by the true story examines the price of winning and the importance of staying grounded in life

Khairi I (ag)

It's very sad that no more filmmakers want to make a movie like that anymore

Kimberly E (mx)

nd WHY is it listed in the redbox as a new rental when the stupid movie came out in 2003? Ridiculous!. Just awful. AWFUL acting. Oh if I had known this peice of crap was a sci-fi channel original I would NOT have rented it

Pia K (mx)

inkkuelm). (Suom. . . Ihan ok, vaikka en varsinaisesti seuraa Sinkkuelm -sarjaakaan

Ron S (fr)

A great movie to learn about the value of observation

Samir S (br)

Woody Allen gives us a charming mock biopic of a fictional jazz guitarist Emmet Ray with so much sincerity that the viewer almost believes that the character is actually based on a real artist. . . Stuff legends are made of

Stephanie B (ag)

ou won't believe the end! Can you believe Anne-Sophie was only 14 when she wrote the movie!. I loved that movie because it is about accepting others and believing in true love

Tamsin P (de)

SIDE NOTE: Hiccup/Anna shippers might be amused by the romance subplot. I enjoyed the Seth Rogen cameos, though. It's kind of affectionate and has some funny moments, and it certainly has this infectious, dedicated love for all things Star Wars, but otherwise it's just a crude, horny mess