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Charitraheen torrent reviews

Stephanie B (ag) wrote: I loved that movie because it is about accepting others and believing in true love. You won't believe the end! Can you believe Anne-Sophie was only 14 when she wrote the movie!

Pia K (mx) wrote: Ihan ok, vaikka en varsinaisesti seuraa Sinkkuelm -sarjaakaan... (Suom. Sinkkuelm)

Todd S (es) wrote: There are thirty-two Horrorfest films, AKA 8 films To Die For. As someone who has seen roughly a dozen of them, I can tell you that they have all been really good or just awful. There is no in-between with this series, and unfortunately Wicked Little Things falls on the awful side. I had high hopes for this film, as it has a great back story and features Kick-Ass's Chole Moretz in her debut role, but the film moves far too slowly and plays too much like an R.L. Stein book. Following the death of her husband, a woman moves her two daughters to an old house in the middle of nowheresberg, Pennsylvania. The house they move into used to belong to an evil millionaire, who owned the local mine, and used child laborers, many of whom died in accidents. The souls of those kids aren't at rest and they don't like having a new family in their house, so they lure anyone within range, into dangerous situations. I was surprised that the acting in this film was actually pretty good and that some of the scenes in the woods are pretty edge of your seat, but the problem here is that nothing really happens. If it wasn't for the older daughters over use of the F bomb, this film really could have been rated PG. I love the back story and the acting wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, but do you really want to watch a "Horror" movie that moves at a snails pace and really doesn't show much? I don't!

Tamsin P (de) wrote: It's kind of affectionate and has some funny moments, and it certainly has this infectious, dedicated love for all things Star Wars, but otherwise it's just a crude, horny mess.I enjoyed the Seth Rogen cameos, though.SIDE NOTE: Hiccup/Anna shippers might be amused by the romance subplot.

Kimberly E (mx) wrote: Oh if I had known this peice of crap was a sci-fi channel original I would NOT have rented it. AWFUL acting. Just awful. And WHY is it listed in the redbox as a new rental when the stupid movie came out in 2003? Ridiculous!

Thomas H (es) wrote: Maggie Gyllenhaal's strong performance keeps viewers invested, even when the film's plot gets lost in itself.

Samir S (br) wrote: Stuff legends are made of... Woody Allen gives us a charming mock biopic of a fictional jazz guitarist Emmet Ray with so much sincerity that the viewer almost believes that the character is actually based on a real artist.

Ron S (fr) wrote: A great movie to learn about the value of observation.

Ilsa L (br) wrote: The story of Josh Waitzkin's early interest in chess that was inspired by the true story examines the price of winning and the importance of staying grounded in life.

wedstarfish 8 (nl) wrote: Police Academy is now getting really old, and they need to stop now. These sequels are useless and are ruining the whole series.

Khairi I (ag) wrote: It's very sad that no more filmmakers want to make a movie like that anymore

Brian B (jp) wrote: Somehow, this sequel is just as funny as the original. Its almost like a continuation more so than a follow-up. None of the humor was lost in the transition from one movie to the other.

Grant T (us) wrote: Yes it was totally stupid, but I actually had a blast watching this! The teenagers gave some nice performances for being a raunchy group