Charles Augustus Milverton

Charles Augustus Milverton

Holmes is hired by the d├ębutante Lady Eva Blackwell to retrieve compromising letters from a blackmailer:

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Victor M (mx) wrote: "Nebraska" it is the kind of film that is basically a black comedy with some touch of drama and some sort of road movie. Filmed in black and white, gives a special touch. It is the story of a father and a son that maybe didn't have in the past the time to know each other better and this travel to Lincoln, Nebraska (could be anywhere) allowed them to do so.

Jonathan H (it) wrote: Great performances can't help fill the plot holes in this very forgettable film

Mike B (br) wrote: It's not high quality, it's not intellectual, it's a lower-class comedy that hits all the right notes if you don't mind lowering your IQ for an evening. Quite enjoyable, and silly, and I'd say worth watching if you can swing that way.

Lee (gb) wrote: Nowhere near as scary or creepy as it tries to be despite a couple of moments where I jumped out of my skin. There was none of the eerie atmosphere that tends to accompany other J-Horror of it's type, maybe I've become desensitised to these kinds of movies now after watching a fair few of them recently, they're starting to get too samey. The plot was just not intriguing enough and boredom soon set in. It wasn't completely terrible, other people did enjoy it more than me. I just thought despite the odd creepy occurence there was nothing substantial or original enough to make it stand out from the rest.

Samitha B (br) wrote: Trying to look smart by telling and showing less? Really?

Eden S (ca) wrote: i think this movie is so funny and interesting

Amanda R (kr) wrote: Ahh, god. It really is hilarious and touching. The box isn't lying. Love Queens and I especially love Queens in the 50s.

Sam S (es) wrote: One of my new favorite movies. This was amazing. So believable, so well done, so hilarious. A must see for film lovers.+

Ruben G (gb) wrote: The Best Hood movie Ever!! You'll love everything about this movie!! A must watch film! It is a masterpiece!

Matt M (nl) wrote: Film about a cop who is accidentally exposed to radiation and picks up superpowers; however, he loses said powers whenever he sees the colour red. The film is pretty much just silly fun, more content to be a comedy action film than a comic book like superhero flick, but its super fast pace works wonders for it.

Stephen K (es) wrote: This movie is a lot of fun, and the integration of animal footage was very well done. The animal attacks are nicely shot and edited, with very few "stuffed animal" takes. The jumping rats scene in the kitchen was fantastic!I actually enjoyed this more than William Girdler's Grizzly and the shift in tone when Leslie Nielson's character goes completely insane and savage was a surprise.

Alex B (fr) wrote: "We change sects." I suppose that as The Manchurian Candidate is a confused, petty-bourgeois view/fantasy of communist society, so Seconds is such a view/fantasy of capitalist society. Compare with the superior, self-consciously petty-bourgeois, self-critical Bigger Than Life.

Anatoly S (ca) wrote: Great makeup effects & a cool animated title sequence aside, this didn't age well at all. Watchable, but just barely.

Jasmine L (br) wrote: own the collector's edition...ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE!