An experiment on a simpleton turns him into a genius. When he discovers what has been done to him he struggles with whether or not what was done to his was right.

A retarded man undergoes an experiment that gives him the intelligence of a genius. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aditya M (it) wrote: Alan Moore once wrote "There's a notion I'd like to see buried: the ordinary person. Ridiculous. There is no ordinary person."Even the most commonplace of people may have the most startling depths, and while the brilliant Sarah Polley may not exactly belong to an everyday family, she provides a shining embodiment of Moore's words in this wonderful film, marvelously unwinding her late mother's life and revealing layer after layer of surprising secrets.Ingeniously narrated, funny, warm and moving - this is a treasure that I am glad I discovered. Watch it!

Pavan R (de) wrote: Very entertaining with a good story

Caroline K (kr) wrote: Hahaha. Just for fun.

Adam B (de) wrote: The acting is sooooo bad. I cringe every time Cage is on the screen in this movie. The girls mom is just as cringe worthy. It is beyond me how this has such a high rating on netflix. The masses are brain dead.

Forrest M (br) wrote: This is a great movie to get for movie-night, because chances are nobody has seen this one. I just tell people that are watching it not to get too comfortable because just when they think they know what's happening, all hell breaks loose once again.

Derek C (ru) wrote: Incredible film not on its technical merits, but in spite of them. This is a unique portrait of a son making a project searching for who is father really is and having to venture into the one area his father is a legend in. Seeing the somewhat flawed and stubborn relationship between father and son gives this doc legs. The entire film is setup as intimate training where one of cinema's most celebrated cameramen opens himself up to teach his son how to make the story he wants to make. Watching Haskell interview while filming his son filming him is fitting for a man that has seen life through a viewfinder. Though I did find some of the technical miscues distracting at times, when you give the son freedom to tell his own story, a greater point is made about Mark's relationship with his father and whom his father has labeled as his surrogate father, famed-cinematographer, Conrad L. Hall.This is a fitting tribute to a strained Hollywood relationship with an individual who is getting the lens turned on him. There are interesting relationships that develop between not only father and son, but documentarian and subject, and film maker and star. The history of Haskell Wexler and his famous friends only adds to the complexity of a relatively novice film maker, Mark S. Wexler, who is willing to fail at making a documentary so he can become closer to his aging father. There is beauty in the technical failures of the film, knowing Mark's motives.If you liked this, also watch Nathaniel Kahn's "My Architect", a portrait of a son trying to find out about his dead, famous architect father, Louis B. Kahn.

Joe H (br) wrote: Better than I would think. And Kari Wuhrer is a legend

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Barney o (ag) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: The characterisation and grittiness are what makes this film more exciting than certain Moore era Bonds, but it's Brosnan's intense performance that brings those elements slightly above the tone of Tim Dalton. Match these tropes with some of the best action sequences in the series and you've got yourself a worthy and exciting re-entry to the series.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Not only because of it's convoluted plot - outside the big moments, this film isn't quite at the top of the franchise because it slightly lacks the light hearted-ness we got from the Moore Bonds, or the touching sentimentality we got from Dalton. VERDICT: In the end, thanks to Pierce Brosnan, 'Goldeneye' is extremelly thrilling and exciting. It's just a shame it lacks any real heart to make it that engaging all the time.

Danny R (es) wrote: Couple on vacation finds a dog and soon learn that the dogs owner has been murdered in this comedy that is disappointing considering the all star ensemble cast involved.

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: One of the better 50's drive-in style flicks. A man thinks he has the power to kill people or bring them back to life by placing different colored pins in a cemetery map. A bit slow at times but the intrigue to figure out the ending is present and even though the ending is a bit of a let down and not that unpredictable I Bury the Living is one of the better horror flicks from the 50s.

Haytham K (jp) wrote: This now-forgotten movie is pretty entertaining movie, though the story is hard to believe and there is no real chemistry between the actors, specially John Wayne and Sophia Loren. Worth-watching at least for the magnificent scenery.

Kimberly W (fr) wrote: They stayed pretty true to the book, it's definitely not a movie I would have gone to theatres to see, but overall I thought they portrayed it well.

Stefan C (br) wrote: Interesting ideas. Very dated now of course. Keanu comes across as very wooden at times (except his hilarious outburst) but that actually helps the story I think. Ice T is crowbarred into the film as was the fashion at the time (insert tank girl joke here) but thankfully he doesn't harm the movie too much. In general the movie is a bastard son of the Matrix and Bladerunner.