Jess Wade is innocently accused of having stolen a cannon from the Mexican revolutionary forces. He tries to find the real culprits, a gang of criminals.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   cannon,   explosion,  

A reformed outlaw (Elvis Presley) attempts to go straight. However, his efforts are complicated by some old associates who tries to frame him for the theft of a jeweled Mexican cannon. Now, he needs find the real culprits... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott R (gb) wrote: I had to watch since Banksy was featured and I used to live in his home town. This film documented what makes a graffiti artist by telling the making of Pierre guetta and his inspirations, I.e. Banksy. I especially enjoyed how it shows a glimpse into how complicated their lives can be despite their simplistic approaches.

Nathan C (kr) wrote: a decent continuation of the original story line

Joey S (au) wrote: Enjoyable western/comedy

Charlie G (ru) wrote: Couldn't believe they'd make another one.

Dillinger P (ca) wrote: The longer King of New York continued the lower the rating got for this film. Frank White, a wealthy drug lord, is released from prison and almost instantly decides to step straight back into his old shoes, running down rival gangs and dealers and taking lots of drugs. All the while 3 completely unlikable cops decide to hunt him down and try rid New York of his presence once and for all. Its a sorry sight almost from the word go. The idea is completely uninspiring and unoriginal, not only is it a wonder this film ever got commissioned in the first place, but the fact that a pretty large and decent cast were all blind to its binality. The script is terrible, almost laughable in places. Luckily for the film Walken, Fishbourne, Snipes and co manage to pass dreadful dialogue off as barely watchable. All the characters in this film are completely one dimensionally written and in cases performed. Walken is decent enough as our lead Frank, but unlike Tony Montanna, this drug lord is just boring, mean and a bastard. The 3 cops range from passable to outright coma inducingly boring. David Caruso barely manages to act his way out a paper bag, Snipes is written so stereotypical black man that its painful to watch. Argo is just so flat that even the words that pass his lips entice sleep. This leaves Fishbourne, being the only character actually having any fun in the film and really worth a watch, although yet again, stereotypical black drug dealer. The camera work is overly complex for reasons best know to only the director and DP, the images arent of a poor quality, however the camera continually throws in dynamic shots for the most needless of actions on screen, for example panning slowly to follow a slow moving electronic fence, who needs to see that? It literally brings nothing to the table. The movies "action" set pieces are horrible too, actors are just running about waving guns and jumping about as if they are trying to stay balanced on top of a operational washing machine. There is no risk, no excitement, hardly any set up, so you are spending your time trying to work out who is shooting at who and most importantly why. One scene in the movie shows a drug bust go horribly wrong and quite a few fatalities follow, along with a car chase, not only have our characters been caught with their trousers down, but so have the audience. It takes a good 5 minutes to realise it is actually a police raid and a further 5 minutes to work out that 2 of our leading cops were driving in the same car, its that bad. This movie is so poorly edited, leaving shots on screen for outragous amounts of seconds after they have had their due, there is hardly even an establishing shot used, leaving most conversations as either medium close up or close up, giving you no logical location for any characters. This omnishambles also has literally 0 females in it that are either not being A} Sexually objectified or B} some silent partner of a bell end police man,Its frightening. Racial stereotypes, sexual objectification, uninspiring plot, wooden or laughable characters, overly complex shots or just down right annoyingly long holds on characters leave this mess completely crippled. Its confusing, not in a good way, it feels much longer than it is, it is so criminally boring in places, the ending is completely anti climactic and you route for no one. The police are dicks, the bad guys are dicks, you literally couldnt care less for anyones fate, at all.

Jacob B (ru) wrote: There is a lot of action and 'Total Recall' is very violent. But it is also over-the-top and very laughable.

rob p (mx) wrote: I think this version is better than the one with Kate.

ScubaSteve Walter M (ru) wrote: And so in my journey in finding more samurai films to satisfy my hunger for the bushido, I finally set sail in the Miyamoto Trilogy. Yeah, considered as the greatest samurai in Japan and writer of the book of the five rings. But this movie adaptation, is not so great. Didn't actually put more facts and added more fiction. It's also not the expectations I would see in a chanbara. Takezo seems crude in his samurai skills, but I guess it's part of the story of turning into a samurai. The ending of the film finally got my attention as he sets forth on his quest in becoming more of a samurai. Now we're talking some chanbara action. Let's see what's the second installment has to offer.

Kyle G (jp) wrote: holy shit this movie is bad.

Craig T (br) wrote: It's a terrible film in so many ways - structurally, emotionally, credibly - that it's almost a perplexing marvel worth watching (and not least of which because it's beautifully shot and impeccably scored). It's a disjointed mess, putting Franco front and center in an all-too-familiar-of-late performance of purposefully flat affect, as he plays a cipher surrounded by horrible, horrible people who have less patience for his glacial journey of self-discovery than the average viewer.