Police launch a manhunt for an escaped rehab-patient/terrorist responsible for the assassination of a politician

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Hindi,Marathi,English
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Police launch a manhunt for an escaped rehab-patient/terrorist responsible for the assassination of a politician . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Muhammed Rea K (de) wrote: It's kinda weird, But It's Good.

Guilherme V (de) wrote: They completely ruind the series already

Little D (jp) wrote: The reveal of the main girl's identity at the end is a little disappointing. Other than that, it's a pretty entertaining slasher flick.

Jenna L (gb) wrote: Hello, boys and girls! What shall we do today?;) My brains are a bit ... er, moldy today, 'cause I've just been to a lecture in history. Interesting, but so much infortmation! On friday next week I'll be sitting by a desk in a cold, boring building, gnawing on my knuckles. Time for the exam! Gaaaah!!!:confused: Oh, dear ... Anyway, I thought I should give a review on a film I saw not long ago: Zebra Lounge. The main characters are Wendy and Alan, a married couple and parents of two rather illmannered kids:eek: . For some reason, W and A have gotten pretty tired with each other in bed. To spice it up, so to say, they meet with Jack and Louise, a swinger couple. Everything's cool for a while; Jack and Louise seem very nice and exciting indeed. Some pretty hot sex scenes and other good stuff. Then W and A realise that this "swinging business" is not right for them. They try to "break up" with J and L. Oops! Guess what? J and L suddenly get ... unpleasant. Dealing with swingers is dangerous indeed! At least, that seems to be the morale of this story. Don't ever get entangled in anything out of the ordinary!:rolleyes: So, what do I think about this movie? Well, it's ok. I quite like it, though its message irritates me a little. Some exciting scenes and loads of paranoia, though. Plus a really scary couple, indeed! I rate it 7/10 :fresh: .

Rawballs B (ru) wrote: Not again... The leading girl and and the supporting lady are the only decent stuff in the motion pic... Well, Ms. Devine is there to make it more sweet...

Lisa M (de) wrote: This one's have to watch it without pausing to get the plot. Savage's charecter is a sadistic sicko. On the up side though, the two little boys are ADORABLE!!!!!

Kenny S (mx) wrote: Mediocre but cute and entertaining film about aliens that mishear Orson Wells War of the World radio program for their alien brethren attacking Earth. Its good, but not great. Its funny but not hilarious. I enjoyed it because It took me 13 years to find this film after seeing it as a kid.

Karen W (br) wrote: love charlie chan want to buy all his movies.....

jay n (it) wrote: the first and the last segments are the best

Andrew M (ca) wrote: How to Train Your Dragon is inspiring and meaningful. This movie teaches you to take care of the things you love. The plot of this movie is brilliant. I would suggest this movie.

Chuck H (br) wrote: Zero stars would be more accurate. I love cheesy horror, but this was beyond cheesy. It was just stupid. To say the characters were cardboard cutouts is an insult to cardboard. There were so many things left unexplained, the movie was really an 88 minute trailer. And the decisions and reactions the characters made were laughable, except this wasn't supposed to be a SCREAM-type spoof.Four of the five characters began with the standard amount of my sympathy, but by the 3/4 point I was hoping all of the characters would be killed off to prevent them from further infecting the nation's gene pool. Knowing that I was actually pulling for the hillbilly retard killer wearing a patchwork pig's head was the best indication possible that I was emotionally done with this movie.And the fifth character, the brother of one of the girls, what was his deal? He is so strange he can't stand his 20-something-year-old sister having a boyfriend, to the point that he forces himself on an overnight camping trip with his sister, her boyfriend, and another couple. Can you spell SIBLING SEX WEIRDNESS?This movie is not worth watching. You can't get those 88 minutes of your life back, so spend them on something more enjoyable, even if that's just staring into a mirror and watching your hair grow.