Chased by Dreams

Chased by Dreams

The protagonist's job is driving across the country screening family planning films in villages, often meeting with unpleasant responses from his target audience. His faith in life is sustained by his love for his dream girl — a beautiful actress he saw crying away in a film five years ago and has haunted him ever since. Writer-director Buddhadev Dasgupta won the National Film Award for Best Direction.

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Kevin M W (it) wrote: A great might have been that slipped in the stitching together of its disparate parts. Still interesting although a confusing mash by the forced ending.

Ryan D (de) wrote: Just like the tv series. Raped cartoon classics.

Samin S (au) wrote: this and happy after graduated from highschool...

Philip P (br) wrote: This movie had a lot of enjoyable elements. But I feel like the plot seemed a little too engineered. On the face of it it's an action comedy, but at times it takes itself too seriously and it has plenty of violence but very little action.The most entertaining part of the movie is the interplay between the characters full of ridiculously funny one liners and come back's. But it seems like the direction of these performances are somewhat lacking, every interaction within the first 45 minutes of the movie seems like the same regurgitated Laurel and Hardy routine.It's an OK flick with some snappy dialogue but I feel like the Writer is trying to pull off a magic trick that's not as impressive as he thinks which kind of brings down the film as a whole. But I'd say it's still worth a watch.

TTT C (au) wrote: (** 1/2): Thumbs Down Above-average but a bit too cheesy at times (even for me!). You could definitely do worse, though.

Antoni G (ru) wrote: A murder mystery starring cats. I for one will say that this is absolutely innovative. Granted that I have never read the original book by Akif Pirincci, I still would say that this is truly a cat thriller. The characters are charming, the plot is involving and the animation is well-paced. Overall, I totally love this movie.

Brian D (kr) wrote: I have no idea why people love this movie. It is a dreadful, melodramatic romance with the worst writing and most unbelievable plot. Sure the scenery is nice, but it in no way makes up for the train wreck of a script. Do yourself a favor and skip this, or if you do suffer through it then please rate and and help stop the nonsense.

Jon C (ag) wrote: cheesy acting, goofy music, and lots of bloodI guess you can take away that infidelity causes more than a few problemsa sexually transmitted virus infects a bunch of mothers in a neighborhood causing them to become man-eating monstersit's funny too that the children address that maybe its their own actions that cause their mothers to behave erratically this is low-budget as you would expect but still retains enough of its own silliness

Daniel M (ag) wrote: Rape, torture and holy murder has never been this hyped before, certainly, and as to what this film tries to accomplish, well... I still do not know what was the point after seven years I first saw this.

Darick T (ru) wrote: Even though he's made nothing but crap as of late, I still consider Harvey Keitel my favorite actor, this movie being one of the reasons why. There are weak performances by some of the supporting cast, and it borders on exploitation at times, but this movie deserves a lot more attention than it's gotten.

Jason P (es) wrote: One of my favorites in the series. I love it when there's a little gothic flavor to the episode. Also, some great one-liners and clever, snappy dialogue throughout. Perhaps Holmes best entrance thus far: lying on the floor shhoting holes in the plaster.Also like how (finally) a war-era Holmes film downplayed the war without excluding it altogether (which would be unpatriotic, of course) by incorporating convalescent veterans as supporting characters. Well done.

Michal P (ca) wrote: Beautiful, moving story. Great acting. The juxtaposition of the two main characters is thought-provoking and inspiring.

Jason B (us) wrote: This will likely be a contentious review because, while I enjoyed My Own Private Idaho, I did not like think it was very well made. I have said it before that I am not a fan of filmed theater and the nearly Shakespearean performances really distracted me from the overall performance. Also, please note, if prostitution or homosexuality bother you then you should definitely avoid this film. I will say though that the photography was delightful and van Sant's intentions were clear. It just didn't stick the landing as well as I had hoped.