Chasing Liberty

Anna Foster has never had an ordinary life. At eighteen years old, she is the most protected girl in America; she is the First Daughter. Frustrated with her overprotective father, the ...

. . Frustrated with her overprotective father, the . At eighteen years old, she is the most protected girl in America; she is the First Daughter. Anna Foster has never had an ordinary life

Chasing Liberty is a funny movie of Derek Guiley, David Schneiderman. The released year of this movie is 2004. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Arthur Ashe, Marcel Bernard, Björn Borg, Don Budge, Philippe Chatrier, Henri Cochet, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Ivan Lendl, Jean-Pierre Loth, Hana Mandlíková, Mandy Moore, Stark Sands, Tony Jayawardena, Jeremy Piven, Annabella Sciorra, Briony Glassco, Lily Tello, Tyla Barnfield, Sam Ellis, Terence Maynard, Mark Harmon, Lewis Hancock, Garrick Hagon, Zac Benoir, Jan Goodman. Movie' genres are Romance. The rating is 6.1 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Alex K (ca)

My Favorite Musical Film Is 1952's Singin' In The Rain

Bruce B (fr)

Stars 2-9--13. With the exception of a few memorable moments, she doesn't come across as the smoldering sexpot she's supposed to be. Her story may be a sad one filed with every possible form of self-destruction imaginable, but it doesn't change my opinion of her acting. After only four years of making films, she was already washed-up by 1953. But for Payton, Bad Blonde was supposed to something of a return to glory. For Wright, this was his first film, so I can forgive some of his stiffness. Tony Wright and Barbara Payton, are terribly unconvincing. The problems I have with Bad Blonde that make it just barely above average relate almost completely to the two leads. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about some of the rest of the acting. The man carries much of the film on his own. And the movie features a wonderful performance from Sid James. The film looks good and the country estate set is a standout. Director Reginald Le Borg keeps things moving at a good pace. In a broad, general sense, Bad Blonde kept me entertained throughout. She bends him to her will and uses him to get what she wants - even if that means committing murder. The movie tells the (somewhat unoriginal) story of young up-and-coming boxer who gets mixed up with his promoter's steamy, blonde wife. I've always been a fan of Hammer's horror output, so it's a treat to get the opportunity to see what the studio was doing pre-1957. It's also the first of the Hammer noirs made in the 1950s I've had a chance to watch. Bad Blonde is a great title for a very average movie. I watched this because of Barbara Payto, I'm trying to watch all the movies she started in. This film came from the Hammer Film Noir Double Feature Collection

Jack A (jp)

Once the plot finally kicked up about 65 minutes into the movie, I was too bored to either care about the characters or want to keep watching

Jack B (ru)

A turn of the century Christmas classic with an all star cast

Joanna F (nl)

If there was a deeper meaning I failed to grasp it. The father was absolutely crazy and thought he was becoming a tree. To be honest this movie was just strange

Karla S (es)

ce. . Michael Dudikoff. . Awww

Liie C (nl)

it reminds me of 'the da vinci code' with a strange twist. the movie was mostly exactly like the book. didn't like the book much

Lisa W (mx)

pretty uncomfortable to watch it with the 12 year old in the room. . . PG13 was pushing it, too. Nothing surprising in this

Loren R (ru)

ch finde aber, die Idee auf einem riesigen Ozean zu spielen, eine faszinierende Sache! Auch wenn es Logiklcher und schwache Stellen im Drehbuch gibt, der Film ist Unterhaltend und hat einen ironischen Humor!. Vor allem Dennis Hopper: Der ist der absolute Brller! Sicher ist die Geschichte nicht Neu, weil es bisschen Mad Max erinnert. Eine gut gemachte Endzeit Story, dass sich diesmal auf weiter See abspielt! Die Schauspieler sind gut ausgewhlt

Paige D (es)

e's my favorute person in the whole movie!!. Oh my god! I love this movie! Jackson Rathbone (Snippy) was hilarious