Chasing the Wind

Chasing the Wind

Anna hasn’t seen her family for a decade. When her grandmother dies, she returns home to take care of her grandfather. In the week leading up to the funeral, nothing goes as expected, and Anna is forced to reconsider how she lives her life.

When grandma dies, Anna has to go back to what's left of the small family, 10 years after she left. There's she confronted with what she fled from back then. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angelina C (br) wrote: hilarious unpretentious comedy. Not great but not bad either

Ada D (de) wrote: The Facility: Eight volunteers find themselves fighting for survival when a drug trial goes horribly wrong. The idea itself is very creative and interesting until the end. First off the scare and fear was not felt, the actors were good but the story was a mess. Adding a few jump scares and extra violence would have done a lot for this film to really just get the idea across. I don't mean bloody gore everywhere but enough to put fear in the audience. Secondly I don't like the ending it makes the rest of the movie unimportant and meaningless. Overall it was boring and had many problems but so much potential.

Kevin J (es) wrote: Sam Rockwell is great as always, but A Single Shot too often confuses "slow burn" with just plan slow, and ultimately leaves too many questions unanswered

Jonathan T (jp) wrote: What I liked about this movie was that it showed a point of view that effectively challenged what were explained to us through the media as "truth." There were a few moments of skepticism of a couple scenes but I think the point of this documentary was to just make you ask questions that got buried or never were addressed. That it accomplished. It's a lot easier to believe the parallels between Osiris and egyptian mythology to Christianity/Islam/Etc than to believe that a man 2000 years ago walked on water or turned water to wine.

Patrick S (jp) wrote: [i]Black Sheep[/i]No, not the Chris Farley movie, the New Zealand horror satire. It seems like [i]Dead Alive[/i] because it is like [i]Dead Alive.[/i] It even features Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop FX group. The cover might turn you off at first glance, because it looks exactly like another bad Sci-Fi original movie. But it's funny, and it's attempting to be funny. "Zombie Sheep", "Mutant Sheep", "Weresheep" and more lust for blood amidst the picturesque backdrop of rural New Zealand.[i]Paprika[/i]Satoshi Kon solidifies his reputation as the fucking man. Well animated, well written, and has all of the Kon's personal, reality bending flourishes. This is a movie that takes full advantage of the fact that it's animated, whereas his earlier work, like [i]Perfect Blue[/i], could be made live-action without losing anything in translation. There's industrial sabotage involving an experimental dream-viewing machine, and it's creators, including a female scientist's alter-ego Paprika, must get to the bottom of things.[i]30 Days of Night[/i]Well done big-budget horror. Based on the Steve Nile's comic, vampires descend on an isolated Alaska town during a 30 day period of total darkness. This movie looks great, and the role of a small town deputy suits Josh Hartnett, which couldn't be said about his turn in [i]The Black Dahlia.[/i] I've heard the complaints about this movie: no story, misses action points, who the hell are these vampires anyway? It might be personal opinion, but I never noticed these.[i]Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes[/i]Nonsense, bullshit Sci-Fi original sequel to one of the '80's most underrated horror films. Theres literally nothing good about this movie, and while some of the 3D effects would have been laughably bad for the '90's, let alone today, this movie doesn't ever get entertaining enough to redeem itself. Total trash.

Daniel S (it) wrote: Just amazing! We all must see this movie

Tim M (us) wrote: I watched it for Lucy Liu, but Keitel, Dorff, Janssen and Jai White are great too. Classic opening credits gives a feel of mid-90's LA. Great noir, Keitel is a resourceful vigilante, and he has to be going up against the devious Dorff.

Gabriel K (jp) wrote: There's been a number of movies about mentally ill, what makes this movie unique is that it's told almost entirely from that man's point of view. As you see the world through his eyes, it makes watching this movie a harrowing experience, but well worth it if you like an intense drama.

Kyle f (ru) wrote: All to disturbing look at the fallout of nuclear war. Brilliantly acted.

Alex S (ru) wrote: they definately don't make movies like this anymore!

Private U (de) wrote: Lemmon gives a first class performance (which earnt him his second Oscar) as a man wishing for the good old days when life was simpler but instead must do whatever it takes legal or otherwise to try and survive in the high pressure comtemporary world and. Jack Gilford as his partner trying to find a less criminal way of getting out of the mess they're in gives great support; the arguments the pair have, which feel so real, are one of the film's highlights. But it's Lemmon's masterful portrayal of a jaded man which carries this film.

Jarett B (au) wrote: Jean-Pierre Melville is the autuer of cool - the man radiates style. Delon delivers another masculine, top notch performance, and Volonte outside of a western role is fantastic. Brilliant all around.Mar 1/12 - "Suspense in Melville is the power of cinema to tear the life out of time, freeze it, remove it from abstract space, and make it an object of contemplation." - FujiwaraYuuuuup. It's still perfect after another viewing!

Nick R (us) wrote: To date Joe Swanberg's best. He really gets how vastly different we communicate now than we did ten years ago, yet don't seem to recognize it at all.