Chatire Lekhichi Tori Naa

Chatire Lekhichi Tori Naa


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Oriya
  • Reference:Imdb
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Chatire Lekhichi Tori Naa torrent reviews

Richard D (gb) wrote: Herman Yau tries his hand at another Ip Man film, this time with Anthony Wong playing him. It follows his life in post-war Hong Kong up until his death. This is a quiter, more contemplative film that any of the other films about Ip Man, which is appropriate for the time period it deals with. The "final fight" the title refers to is a fight with organized crime that he is drawn into. It's an exciting sequence with impressive fight choreography, but unlike what the title suggests, it's not the main focus of the film.

Jason W (fr) wrote: One of the best Action Comedy movies I've ever watched. Can't believe people are giving this a low rating because of some of the jokes in the movie. NEVER GO FULL RETARD PEOPLE its just jokes. People are too sensitive nowadays.

Sherry (ru) wrote: not bad for a B-movie

Sahitya K (ru) wrote: Director's Cut is the only version anyone should see. only reason i didnt give it a full five stars is because of 3 reasons. first orlando bloom is not the ideal leading man material for this sort of film. there are two ways to have a great protagonist. either get a really great gravitas actor or write the character really well. the directors cut does this in the latter fashion really well and makes up for any shortcomings of Orlando. plus he makes a great onscreen match for Eva green.the second reason is the antagonists in the film are slightly one dimensional and I would have liked to see the depth and detail given to the protagonists to them as well. the third reason why this film doesn't get a full rating is a small pet peve of mine and that is the fact that a horse survives a shipwreck. its stupid. I wasn't the biggest fan of gladiator, but loved this movie. Amazing cast with a story that resonates more today, Ridley Scott's best film

Danifesto G (br) wrote: It was just okay. Not as good as I thought it would be.

Michael W (nl) wrote: Apparently this was made on a 15 million dollar budget and made only $309 total. That would mean that in the year 1997, only 51 people went to see this movie across the country before it was pulled from theaters. That's astonishing. It wasn't all that awful, but still not good.

john s (fr) wrote: great movie better if you can watch the ending a lot happens after 1:06:36

Nicholas G (ru) wrote: Visually the movie is very impressive but the awful dialogue and poor storytelling hurt it badly. This never felt like one movie but parts of a movie, it clearly needed at least an hour more to completely tell its story. At times the movie felt like a mix of Italian soap opera and soft porn.

Mike B (nl) wrote: Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn give great performances in this melodrama.

Tim H (gb) wrote: This is the one that I was awkward with. I had no idea what happened at Kyoto. Heck, I have a history degree and I don't know anything about Japanese politics or Kyoto. Wikipedia didn't know anything about it either. Admittedly, Kyoto is not Britney Spears either... Watching this movie, you eventually find out that it is a union movie and has to do with the attention Communism gets after the second world war. Really, this is one of those films that really lives up to that "Post-War" banner that Eclipse put these movies under. But the interestnig, really good part of this movie is the weird love affair that happens in this film. That love interest drives this film. So while the first half borderline isn't great for non-post WWII Japanese people, the second half is absolutely riveting. The images of the woman working in the field are some of the best in cinema. The universal themes of alienation and bigotry ride high through this movie in an absolutely stellar form. It's really a shame that I was so turned off by the beginning of this movie. Kurosawa really seems to have a personal stake in this story. There's a disclaimer at the beginning of this movie that claims that the Kyoto events prove to be inspiration for this film, but it is still a work of ficiton. From what little I found about the subject matter, I call bullshit and I think that he just didn't want to be sued. I mean, this story just pulled a Dragnet and maybe changed the name to protect the innocent. There's allegory, there's metaphor, and then there's this. This is probably a direct adaptation of the real events with a love story thrown in. I have to reiterate how powerful the end of this movie is. I do like a catharsis for the character. Stagnant characters do little to nothing for me and I'm glad that there's some real power in this movie, despite (I keep saying it) the dull and beginning, I love the scenes in the mud fields. With the water flooding the harvest, I almost lost it. That was actually too much for me. Maybe I'm just becoming a schoolgirl in my old age. (Figure that one out.) At the end of the day, the movie is really pretty good, but then you have to tolerate all this intro stuff.

Adam W (gb) wrote: Quite frankly one of the worst films Ive ever seen.A stupid ripped off sci-fi plot, cardboard cut out characters and special effects straight from the 1870's.Must have been made on a $100 budget this is frightening.