A young woman who works in a beauty parlor discovers that her vagina can talk, which causes her no end of trouble.

A young woman who works in a beauty parlor discovers that her vagina can talk, which causes her no end of trouble. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M W (kr) wrote: Miller's take on Batman and Superman are a little disconcerting: I kept waiting for Batman to totally own the Joker, but it never happens. Supes has his hands full with a nuclear bomb. These heroes have to work to win, and work hard. It was a game changing perspective and thereby made this the most distinctive animation of the DC/Warner Brothers canon. Must see.

Erno K (br) wrote: I had completely forgotten about this movie, when I suddenly came across it during the Christmas holidays. I'm very glad I decided to check it out.First of all, I don't know how it's even possible to forget a movie that has such an amazing cast. And Kelsey Grammer with some sort of weird prosthetic nose. Even Kim Basinger crawled out from under the rock she had been hiding under. Seriously, where the hell did she disappear?The one actor that blows everyone else out of the water for me, however, is Tim Roth. I really love his performance here as the maybe-a-bit-gay, wickedly asshole-y gangster. Steals every scene he is in, even when he's not really doing anything. Something about his demeanor is foreboding.The movie follows the lives of several people, who have all encountered money troubles. Everyone has a different method of coping, and as always, the lives intertwine at some point. I really enjoyed this flick, and while it's nothing special, the characters are interesting to follow and I got really invested in some of them. Inevitably some of them get hurt as a result of their decisions, and it really feels sad. Fortunately some of them get a happy ending as well (If you are now thinking of a massage, you are a pervert).Very pleasant surprise indeed.

James M (ca) wrote: Much more interesting than it sounds and driven by a strong central performance from John Turturro who should've at least received a nomination for the the Best Actor Oscar.

Lorissa W (nl) wrote: A world gone mad as people are forced to take the mark of the beast

Nigel D (es) wrote: wasss a really nice muvvvieee!tho the songgss r reall nice

Private U (ag) wrote: An enjoyable action buddy film but very middle of the road. Stephen Baldwin is doing a typical Baldwin role in a typical Baldwin acting style of a masturbating chimpanzee. but Laurence Fishburne is brilliant in the role with some fantastic one liners. Salma Hayek has a very 2D role, but still fantastically fit.

Marilee A (it) wrote: I'm totally fascinated by Medical History & Alan Rickman, so I enjoyed this

Guido S (br) wrote: As a fan of Kevin Smith's earlier work, I remember this movie being panned pretty hard so I was put off seeing it. Bennifer have a baby and Lopez dies during childbirth so Affleck has to raise her by himself. He's also a publicist, but can't seem to find a babysitter or someone to watch over his kid while he works. Doesn't make sense, seems like he has plenty of money. Anyways, he ends up bringing the baby with him and she has an accident. His client is late and the baby is causing issues so he has a very public meltdown. Flash forward and he's basically broke and working for his father to help get by doing curb work. He meets Liv Tyler by renting porn movies at the local rental store and they strike up conversations about his sex life. He eventually falls in love with her and he decides to move back to the city in pursuit of his old profession. But his daughter doesn't want him to. You know how this will end up. Funny to see the daughter grew up to be Raquel Castro from The Voice. It's ok, even if the premise is based off him not being able to find a babysitter (then there wouldn't have been a movie). It just does the bare minimum, I expect a little more out of Smith, but seeing his more recent movies, this was a sign he's not who he used to be.

Clarissa W (ru) wrote: funny horror movie with lots of blood!

Sujal S (ca) wrote: Great movie.The ending drags on a bit too long though.

Hunter H (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed the movie. It's a slow paced thriller, but the plot is very good. I like particularly because of the tension that slowly builds up to a conclusion. It would be a movie that I'd watch again, and that says a lot.

Roberto R (us) wrote: Quite entertaining but a fairly down beat tale of the rise and fall of Tommy Gibbs played by Fred Williamson. He is really good in the part, I don't think i've seen him in anything before (with the exception of From Dusk to Dawn). Plenty of shootings with what looks like red paint you would get from a DIY store sprayed everywhere and every other word is the N one! You got the italian mobsters, the corrupt irish cop and then the young flashy hood taking control of the city by blackmailing the corrupt commissioner Mckinney (Art Lund) and generally killing everyone else, but like in this genre of movie he also alienates the one he loves.Good location footage of New york city from the 1970s. The protagonists strut around in their clothes, that resemble 1930s gangsters. I suppose it is pretty formulaic film making and made on a budget, and very much of its time. The time line is a very confusing and that is a problem i found with the movies narrative. It would seem, it all happens in one night and is over with for Tommy Gibbs, the film actually covers a number of years.You've seen it all before with James Cagney in the golden age of cinema and you have the posters and t shirts of Al in Scarface. These films all have pretty much the same plot and characteristics. It also has a rather groovy sound track by James Brown too!

Art S (it) wrote: An odd sort of portrait of Nick Cave that is equal parts interview, concert film, voiceover narration, behind-the-scenes snippets, and ode to creativity. I found myself wavering between thinking "this guy is really inspiring" and "this guy is really self-absorbed" - but then couldn't help reflecting on my own 17,280 days and the formative experiences and memories that have led to this point. I just don't expect others to be interested. But I guess you have to be cocksure to be a rock star, to take risks and stare down those insecurities about what people will think; seeing a good example like Nick Cave could help with your own creative and existential struggle. Or perhaps he lends confidence because he succeeds while admitting it is scary. Indeed, Cave has always impressed me as a tremendous talent, even if I don't have too many of his records - here, he is in full crooner mode (and a part of me is suspicious that the film is a glorified ad for his latest record Push the Sky Away from where these crooning songs are drawn). Yet, finally in the end, I'm not sure we really learned much about Cave despite the apparent insights he offers about his life and his process (the description of the film does say part of this is "fictionalized") -- but I've had a good time, thought about the 1980s and about Australia and about life and how to live it.

Alexandra S (jp) wrote: Watched it with Stringy