Che, a Man of This World

Che, a Man of This World


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Jude P (es) wrote: A dark funny tale and Blanchett's portrait will resonate ever.

Facebook U (ca) wrote: The premise starts out well enough but once things settle you realize this is an incredibly rushed story. Little time is given to establish the real brotherly bond between Charles and Eric and the film is the worse for it.P.S.Beast looks ridiculous

Charle N (es) wrote: Here we have a foundation built on dramatic ideal, but however "touching" it may be it still trash. The unrealistic standard of this real life drama is coupled with shady facts, overly bloated sense of judgment by the main character a seemingly "good" figure. I am writing this review not to give away too much in plot because your bound to see this garbage due to the "rave" reviews, but if you do see it ask yourself this; "do I enjoy this movie"? Sure the plot may seem well constructed but try seeing it from a new prospective namely from beginning to end and you'll see it makes no damn sense. The movie relies on emotional grabbing ideals and a sap plot to sell itself. I am sorry but this garbage deserves to be sent the way of "I know who killed me" and "I am Sam". Into an obscure reference for films that rely on exploitation film techniques than actual entertainment. In short this film is like an abortion your right in the eye of the public if you keep it and damn evil but its your choose if you don't. So like an abortion I saw abort this from your list of movies to see or own and just watch something that is not about making people feel bad thus making them watch this shit movie.

Barbora D (mx) wrote: A bit overdone, though there are some interesting twists. I missed some better clue for the overall message.

Adrienne L (kr) wrote: It didn't do much for me. I only watched it for Josh Brolin.

Isaac C (nl) wrote: Spielberg did a great job on this film. As the movie progresses however, it begins to lose its excitement resulting in a very sudden tone shift, which is essentially considered "bad."

Ashley H (de) wrote: How the West Was Won is an excellent film. It is about a family saga covering several decades of Westward expansion in the nineteenth century. James Stewart, Henry Fonda, and Gregory Peck give amazing performances. The script is well written. Henry Hathaway, John Ford, and George Marshall did great jobs directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the action and adventure. How the West Was Won is a must see.

Allan C (it) wrote: "Stand and Deliver" meets "Rolling Thunder". Being in education, I have a soft spot for these types of dedicated-teacher-stories, everything thing from "Blackboard Jungle" to "Lean on Me" to even a ridiculous film like "The Substitute" (parts 2 and 3 included). Despite a strong cast, this film unfortunately falls closer to the ridiculous end of the spectrum, but I found it none-the-less compelling. Samuel L. Jackson is a dedicated science teacher who is stabbed by a student at his Brooklyn high school. Fifteen monthly later, he i snow a substitute teacher in an equally challenging environment, teaching at an inner city LA high school. The school has the usual cast of teachers, John Heard as the cynical history teacher and Kelly Rowan as the idealistic computer science teacher, and of course the usual hardcore gangbanger students. The film starts off like most educational urban decay stories, but halfway through it quite unexpectedly becomes a "Death Wish" vigilante story that while entertaining also seems wholly inappropriate considering the sober tone the rest of the film takes. For my money, the similarly themed Tom Berenger action film that came out two years earlier, "The Substitute" is far superior, albeit in a campy guilty-pleasure sort of way, which kept a tone that was more befitting an action/revenge film set in a tough urban school. This film needed more lines like "You don't need to worry about the gangbangers. You ned to worry about the teachers!" and fewer heavy handed allusions to "The Deer Hunter".

Brad S (gb) wrote: Surprisingly better than I expected. There's an undercurrent of very interesting ideas swirling around the ten young men in the club, each trying desperately to become a legend. A solid cast with strong filmmaking craft around them.