Che dottoressa ragazzi!

Che dottoressa ragazzi!

A small Italian village eagerly awaits the long-overdue arrival of a doctor. Everyone expects a male, so when the sexy female doctor Sigrun S. steps out of the bus, it quickly leads to a series of slapstick events.

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Alex K (us) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Keiko G (de) wrote: My favorite movie of all time. This movie is based on a Russian play by the same name about a man who works as in reconstructing murder scenes, as the victim. Hilarious, disturbing, beautiful.

anomaly (kr) wrote: Enjoyable, although it doesn't offer anything new between the endless debates of the religious and atheist people of the world.

Avishek C (gb) wrote: Different, with some unique stuff

kate s (jp) wrote: This movie is so unbelievably funny. One of the only movies I've seen and laughed so hard I cried.

Dale D (br) wrote: its new, its mine, the mantis!

Sean M (us) wrote: The quintessential hockey movie (Sorry Mighty Ducks). Paul Newman flexes some comedic muscle in his role as Reggie Dunlop. The unforgettable Hanson Brothers steal a few scenes as well.

Vincent O (es) wrote: After seeing 'Lawman' I'm going to have to watch the whole of Michael Winner's back catalogue of movies and revaluate his work. This sits nicely between 'Valdez' and 'Ulzana's Raid' and I consider these three westerns (being made all in a row) as Lancaster's blue period. Also contains an excellent back up cast, consisting of Cobb, Duvall and Robert ('The Wild Bunch') Ryan. Another connection is a similar musical soundtrack by Jerry Fielding and as a whole this is an intensely and satisfying film. Job well done!

Rick Q (br) wrote: "kiss me deadly" is a pretty standard classic noir for the most part, but the weird plot twist near the end, really helps this one stand out as one of the most original films of it's genre.

Stephen P (br) wrote: The greatest pieces of propaganda I have ever seen.

Fareeda A (ag) wrote: Possibly the first movie about microfinance...Based on the life of an Italian-American lender to the "little guy" during the Great Depression

Francisco R (ru) wrote: I still remember how bad is this movie, I tottaly do not recommend this movie, it's a waste of time that cood be spend by doing another thing, that for sure it wood be better than this, not recommended it all.

Jeff B (ag) wrote: More of a coda to Rocky than sparring partner of equal standing, part II nonetheless keeps viewers vested in the continuing saga of the Italian Stallion by deepening the character and then bloodying him up. Taking place immediately after the events of the franchise champ, this chapter asks a lot of the audience, namely cheering for the same fighter in pretty much the same fight with the same opponent even though our titular hero's previous loss defined the character perfectly. Sure, you don't have to win to be a champion, but it's to this powerful sequel's credit that you root for the underdog all over again. Plus, the climactic battle royale makes for some of the most compelling fight scenes ever committed to film. In this PG-rated sports drama, Rocky struggles with family life after his bout with Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), while the embarrassed champ insistently goads him to accept a challenge for a rematch. At this juncture, Stallone runs the risk of making a sophomore slump and lessening the emotional blows landed by the first chapter. By giving more screen time to the wonderful Talia Shire as Adrian, he actually develops the title character even more. Their romance is palpable, as is the hard-hitting re-match. Stallone might have taken over directing duties from John G. Avildsen, but he exhibits a confidence that makes the transition seem seamless and even one-ups the intensity on the canvas.Bottom line: Much Punch-Drunk Love