Che strano chiamarsi Federico

Che strano chiamarsi Federico

An exciting and visionary portrait of the master filmmaker Federico Fellini, based on the memories and the feelings of his great friend director Ettore Scola.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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An exciting and visionary portrait of the master filmmaker Federico Fellini, based on the memories and the feelings of his great friend director Ettore Scola. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Che strano chiamarsi Federico torrent reviews

Emily D (ag) wrote: I don't know why this movie doesn't have higher ratings! It's so funny!

larry g (br) wrote: this low budget movie has me going and wanting more from it lol and the cast that was in it was just great in this as well lol also i loved how they got all of these actors together in the movie and try and help one another out.

Thomas F (au) wrote: Decent chick flick but the story is uneven. It doesnt know if it wants to be a light hearted comedy or a drama about two girls with major psychological problems. I mean, one of them attempted to commit suicide and nothing was said about it.

Paul K (jp) wrote: Cinematic comfort food. Every clich you could wish for is employed to make this movie predictable almost before it begins. Settle down with a bowl of popcorn and prepare to be comfortably numbed. Aaah sweeet... actually I think this love at first sight myth is incredibly damaging to people's expectations of what a good relationship is about.

Rob S (fr) wrote: Downfall is very good, but it wasn't great as I expected it to be, especially with all the hype it gets on IMDb. We have a unique look at WWII, seeing it through Hitler's eyes and being more about Hitler losing than the Allies winning as many WWII films do.I don't know much about the 2005 Oscars from memory, but Bruno Ganz played Hitler so well he should have received an Oscar nomination if he did not. If they can give an Oscar to Marion Cotillard for playing Edith Piaf in a foreign film then they can certainly at least nominate Bruno Ganz for this performance in a foreign film. Hitler's brutality came across clearly with Ganz's various tempter tantrums he had to exhibit, while maintaining the integrity of Hitler as a leader, being a quiet and polite (yet mentally ill) man when all is well, doing what he believes is best for his country in the moment. It may seem weird that I'm practically sympathizing for Hitler, but the film portrays him as a caring individual; it is scary and strange at the same time.I know the title is "Downfall," so it deals with the OVERALL downfall of Germany in WWII, but there's something not right with killing Hitler 2/3 of the way through the film. I know this film accurately portrays what happened, but there's just something not right having Hitler's death be well before the conclusion of the film. If anything, this was kind of an early climax of the film, with about 40 minutes of falling action/resolution.While this movie may have made me sympathize for Hitler, it made me sympathize with other Nazi's (or some children) even more since many Nazi soldiers promised Hitler they would commit suicide, and the children of Goebbels are killed in their sleep by their mother - very chilling scene.Finally, I understand the point of endings of "true stories" where they give you information through text describing how people turned out later, but I'm honestly not going to remember many of the characters/their names, so I'm not going to remember what was said about them at the end of the film either. This is a good character study, but I have seen plenty of better WWII films.

cindy m (us) wrote: Adorable little ghost.

Dewey F (ru) wrote: "It's impossible to find a man lost in the labyrinth of his own soul."

Ethan F (fr) wrote: A good flick for history buffs, but it often seems an imitation of George C. Scott in "Patton." Still, Peck carries the character capably.

Alex C (jp) wrote: Ultra-camp movies made for kids. At this point in the franchise, any redeeming features from the first two films are gone and Gamera is given a theme song.

Mark J (ag) wrote: Read the book in college, but somehow never saw this movie until it this week. Still puzzled as to how Shirley Jones won an supporting actor Oscar. Lancaster is, of course, fabulous. However, the subject matter is one that is easy to lampoon and satirize, so I don't see it as any brilliant social statement, especially when viewed from 21st century eyes.

Chris K (ag) wrote: Classic western starring Randolph Scott. Perfect for a low key Saturday evening at home. Yes, the good guy wins in the end.

Armando P (ag) wrote: Mystique, exciting and real.