Cheap Ski Movie

Cardboard cutouts travel to ski resorts to get close to winter sports superstars.

  • Category: Sport
  • Stars: Ian Wolf
  • Uploader: Dat1Phit
  • Writer: Jack Turner

Cardboard cutouts travel to ski resorts to get close to winter sports superstars

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Users reviews

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Gregory W (br)

serious all star cast brings this drama to life

Guillaume H (au)

the lead actress is absolutely hilarious but im not sure this was her intention. leaden acting and inept writing, the image quyality is somehow crisp and pretty, wich is too much for such an unworthy subject. i watch it at speed x3, as i dont have time for this

Jeffrey J (ag)

Weak, Bagger Vance was much better

Jennifer S (ru)

Bette and Karl make an odd and not believable couple but it's still great!

Jeyna L (ca)

Real funny. Enjoyed it

Linnea H (mx)

Not more, not less. Can't say I gave it my full atention when I watched it, 'cause I didn't, but I think it was OK