Cheaper to Keep Her

Cheaper to Keep Her

A newly divorced swinger on the prowl goes to work as a detective for a neurotic feminist attorney.

A newly divorced swinger on the prowl goes to work as a detective for a neurotic feminist attorney. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cheaper to Keep Her torrent reviews

Brian C (nl) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyable.Depicts generation gaps as far as relationships and literature and the way both are looked at.

Thomas W (us) wrote: The Mill and the Cross is a painting come to life and it is unlike any movie I have ever seen before (and I have seen a few)! Directed by Polish filmmaker, Lech Majewski, it is a recreation and interpretion of the famous 1564 painting by Pieter Bruegel, "The Way to Calvary". Glacially-paced and nearly-silent (at first) ... one film critic said that this films' detractors will lament that watching this "is like watching a painting dry" (a point I can understand some having). If it doesn't grab one's interest early-on -- the film's opening is the painting coming to life and than slowly drying back onto the canvas -- there is no point in watching it. Another film about the inspiration of a painting (that I loved), The Girl with the Pearl Earring, told the possible story of how a masterpiece came into being AND each scene was as lovely as a painted picture. Each scene looks like a painting here as well; but this story isn't necessarily one about a "what-if" (although it technically is) ... it pretends to show us THIS painting (not the inspiration behind it ... this gives us the came-upon setting/location) of the re-imagined crucifixion in 16th Century Flanders while under BRUTAL Spanish occupation. As Bruegel (Rutger Hauer - Batman Begins, Hobo with a Shotgun, Blade Runner) draws and explains his painting, the scene comes to life so that the audience sees what Bruegel "sees". The premise and style are highly unsual but I appreciated the delicate take (layer-upon-layer of computer imaging) of telling this story. The Mill and the Cross isn't content with looking at a piece of art -- this film is about experiencing it which is rather marvelous as the Flanders countryside does come to life. We get bits and pieces of story but no major plot other than the painting and its scenes/images coming to life. This wasn't a favorite of mine by any means; but I do like the originality of it and anybody with a serious interest in art might want to check it out.

Mike D (au) wrote: Mostly predictable yet watchable nonetheless.

James H (de) wrote: 3.5/10. Hokey trash, not one of the better Mary Higgins Clark film series. None of them are great, but this one is worse than usual. Very melodramatic, painfully obvious it was made for television, overacted and not in the slightest bit convincing.

The Joint Is Really Jumpin in Carnegie Hall (mx) wrote: one of my favorite movies of all time

Devon W (br) wrote: Creepy effing clown that would have been better off in a legit production. The movie falls flat with flops between shit acting (forced dialogue?) and decent, and the stories were subpar, but it still held my interest throughout.

Rory B (nl) wrote: Cast me into hell, it had some fun moments but it is nothing impressive at all. Overused generic crap I couldn't give the slightest about.