Check It Out, Yo!

Check It Out, Yo!

Tomboy Yui (Mao Inoue) brings her 3 male friends along with her to see a live performance of local Okinawan rap group, “Workaholic”. Upon witnessing the crowd reaction, the boys decide to start a rap group of their own to impress chicks—while Toru (Hayato Ichihara) has the added motivation of impressing his older, more sophisticated love interest Nagisa (Ayumi Ito). With only 2 weeks to learn how to play instruments and prepare for their first show, the performance is predictably humiliating. In order to save pride they decide to give it another shot, but this time they ditch the instruments for a sampler and stay truer to themselves. Will Toru be able to capture Nagisa’s heart? Will Yui ever confess her love to Toru or will she just keep practicing her advanced pro wrestling techniques on him instead?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:117 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Check It Out, Yo! torrent reviews

intuciic (de) wrote: nice movie.. just sad that in real life you almost never get 2nd chance. and its sad that in real life you dont get chance to fix your mistakes.very nice and beautiful movie.. but its sad that in life so rare people [or people who dont deserve] get second chances... its sad that in real life you dont get chance to fix your mistakes.

Ruhan R (ru) wrote: Puff, Puff, Pass was one of those movies aimed at a subculture without giving much regard to viewers outside of it. In this case, it was obviously stoners. Ronnie Warner and Kent George put together a lighthearted script featuring two unlucky stoners trying to catch a break through their whacky ventures. Ronnie Warner and Danny Masterson made a great team, they really had some chemistry going on. I liked how the tiny classified ads joke kept reoccurring, it was a consistent joke that cracked me up every time. With some zany characters like the speedfreak lawyer and the two transvestites, Puff, Puff, Pass had me thoroughly entertained and smiling. A successful comedy in my eyes.

Dustin M (ag) wrote: Happy 10 Year Anniversary.

Giovanni T (de) wrote: Classic Woody Allen film. Almost like an original version of Midnight in Paris if you think about the wife and the material world wife's family lives in. Allen in his prime in my opinion.

Tim R (nl) wrote: Very entertaining. Not sure this movie would have been nearly as good without the cast. Hoffman was awesome.

Reiko D (it) wrote: Never marry a guy with a thick moustache lol

Viktor N (es) wrote: It was better when I was little.. It hasn't held up that image. I found it really long for an action flic with so little action..

Lisa (gb) wrote: songs w/'baby' in 'em + pizza = funny

Thomas B (ca) wrote: ***The ending is VERY weird, and the whole movies a bit too odd for me, but that being said, I did enjoy Donnie Darko, thanks to a good story and a great performance from Jake Gyllenhaal.

Andy D (ru) wrote: A masterpiece! Story telling at its absolute best. Thank you Martin Scorsese!

Aaron A (kr) wrote: Hmm, I was expecting to be bowled over by this film and I was a little disappointed to be honest. There were moments that moved me but the film as a whole felt underwhelming. It took me 15-20 minutes to get into as I'm sure I could still detect a bit of London in Elba's South African accent, plus there was a bit where he was walking with a swagger befitting to his well known character Luther which seemed out of place. Having said that Elba did grow into the film well but I still wasn't won over. I'm a fan of Idris Elba but I'm not sure he was right for the part to be honest. I just couldn't feel properly connected with the character and I struggled to be really engrossed by the events that were portraying. This is not a bad film but it's lacking something to really be classed as great, certainly not as great as the man who inspired the film in the first place.

Brandon W (ca) wrote: It's Die Hard at see. Although Steven Segal's acting is almost funny to watch and there are some pacing issues, this is a badass time at the movies!

Angela R (es) wrote: Beautiful story. Very funny.

Armando P (es) wrote: If you're born in the 90's you have seen this films, and as I, you loved them despite the fact that is pure teenage comedy crappy movies.

Nick C (jp) wrote: Don Verdean was a movie that tried too hard to be funny, and ended up being a forgettable movie.