A Russian platoon sweeps a village, avoiding two mishaps. At a remote check-post they play cards with bullets as stakes. A village girl pimps her deaf-mute sister for bullets. A shifty enemy sniper keeps strafing, causing a tragedy.

A group Russian soldiers is send to an outpost to guard the area. They pass the day patroulling the area, while being shot at from the forest. They never know if the civillions are hostile or friendly to them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Checkpoint torrent reviews

Lee M (gb) wrote: A mish-mash of emotion that does not add up to any emotional truth.

Michael K (it) wrote: Did you beat my record using only 1 cOin? Guess not huh? Try again son! This documentary scratches the surface of the magical era when the masters of the arcade machines walked the streets. Branching off from "The King of Kong" this tries to explain how it all started in Twin Galaxies in the city of Ottumwa, Ohio. Those were the goOd old magical days. I remember it myself as a younger lad spending hours in the arcade trying to beat the local Kings high score. This movie is very entertaining and very exciting if you like arcade machines....and games...and masters/ge3ks. Very well produced with nice 3D effects of some of the games. I feel this movie is WAY too short and could easily be an hour longer so we get more to the bottom of things. Loved it though :D

Charles M (us) wrote: If you ever had an interest in punk rock history, you'll like this movie. A well done story. I recommend it. There's also a big surprise that happens in the movie, but I won't give anymore details than that.

Elijah s (br) wrote: i have heard that this movie is so good but I haven't seen it yet but I want to see it now

Alden S (es) wrote: 9.5 out of 10:Even if it's a bit predictable, Wargames manages to be a really good Cold War movie with a smart and suspenseful story, good acting, and great writing.

Pansy P (ca) wrote: Monty Clift was really heartbreaking in this film, you can only imagine his inner personal torment during this period of his life but he still gives a beautiful, sensitive performance aided greatly by the beautiful Lee Remick & the much underrated Jo Van Fleet.