Six people, some more depressed than others, living through the worst day of their lives.

Six people, some more depressed than others, living through the worst day of their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon P (au) wrote: Enjoyable Glaswegian gangster biopic.

Kevin J (br) wrote: Spike Lee not only directs the worst film of the year, but one of the worst acted films ever. His decision to cast unknowns brings this down even more than the script itself.

Alan A (nl) wrote: CRAP CRAP CRAP...did I mention that this was CRAP?

Jill R (us) wrote: Cheesy corny but a lot of fun.This is as good as the first its the pure definition of a guilty pleasure.I couldn't help but smile at the silliness.The songs are also pretty catchy.Overall I enjoyed this movie and if you like musicals watch this.Grade B

Tasos L (au) wrote: Originality and authenticity...I liked Zane...this dude surely knows how to play well in that kind of flicks..!

Jeff B (es) wrote: Stellar performances all-around, though I still find Jake Gyllenhaal off-putting. I suppose it fits in this movie, so I'll let it slide. The religious imagery is a bit overdone, but I like the way this movie deals with the psychological factor of overcoming tragedy. Plus, Susan Sarandon's character is just so fascinating (at least, to me.) Pompeo really shines here, too.

Tanya J (kr) wrote: Ahhahhahah they made a second one?!

Michael S (nl) wrote: Hilariously terrible Stephen King film (from an original screenplay by King) is bursting with awfulness: bad visual effects, actors in rubber monster suits, clumsy stunt work, cheesy-looking gore, and a "death by corn on the cob" scene.

Aileen H (ag) wrote: I so wanted to like this movie. It starts out so strong, but the reactions to real life changing events were too unnatural to be taken seriously which really detracted from the like ability of the movie as a whole. Penelope Cruz who played Magda was fantastic; I loved her character a lot! Was kinda sad when the script had her react so oddly during the later part of the film. Her son Dani who was played by Teo Planel was great as well. Asier Etxeandia who played her doctor Julian was too hard to believe. I know she wasn't being treated for breast cancer in the United States in the movie but still... His methodology was antiquated and hard to believe. All in all its not a bad movie. It had some cute points. I wasn't fast forwarding through through the movie, but I was feeling they could have done a better job researching the protocol for fighting advanced breast cancer to make it feel more authentic.

Matthew C (nl) wrote: There was a time, a strange and wonderful time, when Burt Reynolds ruled Hollywood and Jim Brown was in nearly every film that came out. 100 Rifles comes from that. Not a great movie, and not especially original or ground breaking, it's still a lot of fun. Some good, blazing gun battles. A beautiful Raquel Welch. And a pretty good odd couple team of Reynolds and Brown. That and an excellent cast of character actors and beautiful scenery all bring the movie a touch of unexpected quality. If you're in the mood for some westploitation, check this one out.

Jeremiah L (it) wrote: The opening scene of this movie is the scariest thing ever shot. The bad guy is the epitome of terrifying. Track down this movie and watch it immediately.

Jose Luis M (kr) wrote: Cuatro estrellas por su magnifica fotografa y la direccin de Jacques Torneur, pero la pelcula me decepcion no llega a los niveles de Cat People, la historia no llega a desarrollarse y queda como una simple ancdota.

John B (gb) wrote: I enjoyed the song & Dance routines by a great cast and liked the concept of the INN but, didn't like the overall story of the movie

Hawk (kr) wrote: Whether this film is based on Dungeons or Dragons is a matter of debate, however it sure feels like it is. That's because the whole thing feels more like a series of encounters than an actual film. The characters have to go from point A to point B, to point C but WAIT, point C is blocked so the characters have to go to point D to unlock point C then return to that point and go to point D. The points are random events and really have no relevance to the plot: They could be put in any order and you'd never know the difference. The mix between science fiction and a fantasy setting is pretty good, and the final confrontation at the castle is excellent, but other than that it's just forgettable.