Cheese Head

Cheese Head

Lasting tradition clashes with new ideas in director Ariel Winograd's tale of a mischievous pre-adolescent whose family spends their summers basking in the comfortable surroundings of a picturesque Jewish country club. Ariel is a young boy whose family enjoys the high life. When summer rolls around his mother leads an Israeli dance class at the local Jewish country club, and his grandmother seems to have a special knack for always winning at rummy. His sister Natalia is rarely seen without roller skates lest she need to beat a hasty retreat from her overbearing suitor, and his brother David's hormones are raging like a white squall. As Ariel and his friends hop on their bikes and explore the grounds of the country club it feels as if life simply couldn't get any better, but sometimes life in this highly exclusive paradise isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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