Chef's Special

Chef's Special

Maxi thinks is life is perfect. He is a famous cook who own a top hype restaurant in Chueca. He is living his homosexual life without complex. But when his son Edu and his daughter Alba appears, and comes a new neighbor which is an attractive ex famous Argentinian soccer player, they will punch his regular life and change his valors.

Javier Cimara (Talk to Her) stars as Chef Maxi, a culinary genius/drama queen with too much on his plate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus W (es) wrote: If Refn spent as much time on story and character as he does on flashy cinematography, this would be twice the film.

bat u (us) wrote: bad in a not good way

Timm S (ca) wrote: Easily Pushes Itself Into One Of The Best Documentaries I've Ever Had The Privilege To See. Put Together With A Genuine Look At A Pivotal Part Of The Entire Human Ecosystem. Quite Simply, Everyone Must See This As It Directly Affects Your Life.

michelle w (br) wrote: a pretty swee action/thriller movee you can watch anytime and still enjoy it

Lorna B (us) wrote: Loved this movie. Familiar story and a great cast that were very believable in their respective roles.

Bals A (mx) wrote: Probably it's a little bit too sentimental but still a very touching romantic story and one of the very best of the end of the millenium.

Sam M (ca) wrote: Sucks you in as much as Joey got sucked in to being Donnie. Perhaps one of the essential mob flicks.

Phoenix S (mx) wrote: Saw this when i was a child and iam haunted by it, insane, ducks that drink people as tea.

Bill T (mx) wrote: Syrupy and heavily melodramatic story about what happens when 3 old codgers place a bet, throw three wallets in the snow, and see who comes to return it. Soon a disheveled young man and a goodhearted lady return them. Before you can say "Trading Places", soon the couple fall in love! But wait! Turns out disheveled boy can sing! Soon the three codgers die in a plane crash and their souls hound the couple into making The Right Decisions in life. Its all quite hokey, a bit funny-bad, but it's quite watchable.

William W (de) wrote: I went into this having only seen 'The Book of Eli' by these directors, The Hughes Brothers. I quite liked that film, although I did feel their vivacious stylizations interfered with the telling of the story. Seeing this earlier film of theirs confirmed that suspicion, though it's still a fine film. Though Johnny Depp (the brothers' 5th choice for the lead) does a fine job as the film's protagonist (I haven't read Alan Moore's graphic novel yet, so I can't say how this filmic adaptation compares), it certainly would have been interesting to see how any of their previous choices would have done (in order of their preference): Daniel Day-Lewis, Sean Connery, Jude Law and Brad Pitt (but especially either of the first two). It has a fine supporting cast, is beautiful to look at and is consistently intriguing. I especially liked Heather Graham (I think this is solidly amongst her best work), Ian Holm, Robbie Coltrane and, most significantly, Katlin Cartlidge. Boy, do I ever miss her in films made ever since.

David W (au) wrote: Better than Sharknado, just insanely fun, funny and cheesey with some of the most hilariously creative horror deaths in any B-movie.

Luis L (kr) wrote: let's be honest, the movie was funny and well worked... it's not a bad movie. it's an unlogic, senseless, silly movie to have a great and Entertaining time

Harrison W (kr) wrote: Hilarious and easy to digest! Easy to see this is from same people as Wet Hot American Summer.