Srubov is a part of CHEKA, the secret police Lenin established after the Bolshevik Revolution. They arrest, interview for a minute, try in ten seconds, and execute intellectuals, aristocrats, Jews, clergy, and their families. In the building basement, five people at a time are shot as they stand naked facing wooden doors. No one to remember their last words; no martyrs, just anonymous bodies. Daily, the kangaroo court, the executions, the loading of bodies onto wagons. Srubov is cold, distant, sexually dysfunctional, and a deep thinker, hated by former friends and his family. As he tries to reason the nature of revolution and the purpose of CHEKA, he slowly goes mad.

Srubov is a part of CHEKA, the secret police Lenin established after the Bolshevik Revolution. They arrest, interview for a minute, try in ten seconds, and execute intellectuals, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick L (it) wrote: "You're better off playing with the toy than seeing the movie"DVD Movie Review: Max SteelDate Viewed: January 26 2017Directed By Stewart HendlerWritten By Christopher L. Yost, Based on the action figure from MattelStarring: Ben Winchell, Josh Brener, Ana Villafane, Maria Bello, Andy Garcia, Mike Doyle and Billy Slaughter.How can a superhero have his suit on and save the world from evil and not have him do any heroic things until the very end? "Max Steel" manages to achieve this stupendous feat thanks to poor writing, wooden acting, lazy direction and cheap special effects. The movie is based on the popular toy action figure from Mattel and it spawned various cartoon shows. Even though I was aware of the animated series that played in the early 2000s, I've never heard of or played with the toys in general, I was more interested in Legos because they were creative and spawned original designs and models compared to this worthless enterprise."Max Steel" managed to achieve another amazing feat, it's currently scoring at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. You know when you're movie's in trouble when they drop you way down on the Tomatometer. What's also surprising about "Max Steel" is that the main character is completely humorless and his charisma is just as dry as the Sahara desert.The plot revolves around 16-year-old Maxwell "Max" McGrath (Ben Winchell) as he and his mother, Molly McGrath (Maria Bello) move into a small hometown where his late scientist father (Mike Doyle) used to live. Max and his mother have been moving from place to place 8 or 9 times already because well... What do you think? As he goes to his new school, he struggles to make friends but he does bump into the beautiful Sofia Martinez (played forgettably by Ana Villafane). The two immediately show interest in each other and he hopes to meet her again. Back at home, Max begins to develop strange powers, little blue sparks start flying out from his body and he doesn't know how to control his new powers. He also starts to have severe headaches which causes him to depart from his friendly chats with Sofia.Suddenly, he encounters a little drone-like alien companion named Steel (voiced by Josh Brener), he possesses a unique form of esoteric energy and Steel informs Max that if they bond together, they form a mighty superhero known as Max Steel. Max also starts to have flashbacks of his father who died from a mysterious incident in his lab a long time ago and he learns that Steel has a connection to his past as well as his father's former partner, Dr. Miles Edwards (Andy Garcia).There are also some government mercenaries who are after Max, Steel and/or Max Steel and they want to inherit their super turbo-charged powers for scientific purposes and a giant super tornado with glowing red eyes who might be an alien but I don't know, the movie doesn't explain why how this tornado got here or why it was created and/or why it wants to kill Max.The relationship between Max and Steel is unillustrated and not involving, Andy Garcia and Maria Bello are in this half-baked mess because they probably have bills to pay and the screenplay by Christopher L. Yost (Thor: The Dark World) suffers from a lack of not taking this concept seriously.You're better off playing with the toy than seeing the movie. Believe me, you can make a better story out of it and it will save you a bit of money.

R S (ca) wrote: okay sort but not very gr8 about it.

Osvaldo C (ru) wrote: Divertida. Si no puedes con ellos lucha contra ellos, y vence!

Linda F (br) wrote: one of my all-time favorites, I've seen it many times but only tonight did i realize it was written, produced and directed by Louis CK. and now i like it even more! =)

Giana G (br) wrote: - very intense! it's very believable, some people are that crazy!

christy b (de) wrote: Great movie that really touched on the subject of child abuse and heartache.

jeroen v (de) wrote: Recognizable scene, but nothing much happens and the annoying Hutchence just can't keep that hair out of his face even though he keeps trying while he forgets to act.

Jonathas S (jp) wrote: Beautifully shot, featuring gorgeous production design and all-star cast, this is a superior Agatha Christie adaptation.

Juan S (au) wrote: Still one of my favorite Jackie Chan movies ever

R S (gb) wrote: Basically slanders the Mormons. I'm not saying I agree with their beliefs, or that this wasn't accurate, but what does it accomplish? It just makes people angry...

John A (es) wrote: A Powerful Film About Racism, Director Samuel Fuller's White Dog Is A Tale About Trying To Overcome A Dog's Racist Views.Lucy (Kirsty McNichol),Accidentally Hits A German Shepherd With Her Car, & Nurses It Back To Health. Later Events Occur And Lucy Discovers The Shocking Truth That Her New Best Friend, Is A White Dog, Trained By A Racist To Attack Black Skinned People On Sight. Lucy Finds An Animal Trainer, Carruthers (Burl Ives), Who Strongly Suggests That This Dog Should Be Put Down & Quick, Before Anyone Else Gets Hurt. But His Partner, Keys (Paul Winfield), A Maverick Black Animal Trainer, Steps In To Attempt To Recondition The Dog, But Sadly His Attempts Before With A White Dog Have Never Succeeded, Can This Be His Breakthrough?Director Samuel Fuller, Gives Great Direction To A Great Story, & With It's Excellent Script And Cast Performances It's Not A Film You Can Find Flaws In Easily. The Score Is Excellent As Always From Italian Film Composer Ennio Morricone. A Great Script Also Comes Into Play, And The Excellent Basic Plot Makes The Film Entertaining As It's Easy To Understand And Strives To It's Full Potential.