Cheng shi nu lie ren

Cheng shi nu lie ren


A young lady and her father are threatened by a gang named the Five Fingers. Private eye Charlie comes to the rescue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason A (ru) wrote: Unflinching, surprisingly enjoyable film about the making and breaking of Troy Duffy, the abrasive bartender scooped up by Hollywood for his BOONDOCK SAINTS script and subsequently blacklisted when revealed for being a gigantic, misogynistic a**hole. I think it'd be enjoyable whether you love BOONDOCK SAINTS, or if, like me, you despise it.

Kushagr A (fr) wrote: SaLman Khan proves that he is got the Acting inside his body if he gets the right story and direction. A wow experience from Satish Kaushik's direction. Well I must say a movie to go for.

Mikael K (kr) wrote: A story of gang wars in 50's New York that makes the period aspect work but doesn't really seem to have the guts for relevant and effective storytelling. Interesting throughout with okay acting and a story that could be a lot worse. The movie would have turned into something exceptional with very little extra effort I think, so it's a shame that Scott Kalvert decides to approach a good subject all sissy and safe.

Alan L (ca) wrote: Pak On Nei was great

Harry B (ca) wrote: Nastassja Kinski (14)Best Beaver - 1976

Jeremy H (ru) wrote: What more can I say? Hilarious

Robin M (ca) wrote: I LOVE this movie. I watched it all the time when I was younger and I just watched it again recently. I love the story, the actors ... all of it. It is just a cute movie.

Barry L (ru) wrote: Its oner of the earlier Carry ons and hadnt yet found the wonders of baudy sex tales but its still a great comedy movie. You can see the beggingings of what the series will become...

James H (mx) wrote: Curiously uninvolving, especially considering the cast and presence of Katherine Hepburn and Cary grant, but it is still good. Very well photographed, and it has an interesting plot.

Dorianator F (ca) wrote: Fantastic film. I mean, the whole mobster thing felt cliche, but other than that, I loved the movie. Another Woody Allen great. Witty dialogue, great acting, very entertaining.

Kenny D (kr) wrote: Beautifully arranged. "I Origins" is the living proof of art. This is the type of movie you dislike or fall in love of. The simplicity in the characters and the interaction between them gives a great feeling of reality. The idea behind the movie is perfectly executed and really gets the audience into a debate with themselves (if they give themselves the chance). A real definition of art.

Huw G (us) wrote: Starts off on the wrong foot by completely disregarding so much that was special about the first one. Then descends into a mishmash of cliches and unrelated tropes, all ably captured by a valiant but surely stunned beyond belief director of photography.