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Kenneth B (ru) wrote: It's interesting to see how they develop the characters, to give them purpose, but it seemed a little to long for me. A comic fan will truly enjoy this, but for the casual comic movie goer you may want to pass this one up. A rental at best.

Leopoldo G (br) wrote: "A harbinger of [future] cult film status." - Variety??"DAYS OF GRACE, The best Mexican film of this generation" - Rolling Stone MX??"A breathlessly paced adrenaline rush!" - The Hollywood Reporter??"It's like searching dark corners of your heart by the light of a blowtorch." - Paul Haggis"Days of Grace will simultaneously rip your heart out, and have your mind reeling long after you have left the theatre" - Hugh Jackman??"A tremendous standing ovation for over 10 minutes in Cannes." - CNN??"Dias de Gracia me ha impactado profundamente. Es una pelcula sobrecogedora que te agarra desde el principio y no te suelta. Dias de Gracia es visualmente sobresaliente, cuenta con unos actores extraordinarios y retrata el drama y las consecuencias de la violencia con una fuerza y profundidad que trasciende el marco de Mxico para convertirse en universal." - Javier BardemDays of Grace, An unforgettable film that will touch the collective subconscious and the heart of a nation! When the collective unconscious comes to see images that awaken to reality. - Milenio MagazineDays of grace, "Is a ribbon of love to Mexico in an environment of violence" An original, powerful composition. - La Jornada"Iwas astounded by how working with many of today's cinematic vernaculars, Dias de Gracia has its own language to tell,?a harrowing multi-layer story. A film that says "watch out"! - Baz Luhrmann"A very well crafted film with deep emotional personal and political ramificationsIwas very moved by this work..... Days of Grace brings the viewer into another land another sensibility concerningthe real choices that people must make every day in a volatile society in order to survive.... made with passion and commitment..." - Danny DeVito"One of the best productionsIhave seen in a long time,Isimply can'tbelieve its a first film..." - Emir Kusturica

Kevin M (gb) wrote: A bit predictable but a really good kids rom com.

Diego V (nl) wrote: pelicula modesta pero logra algo de lo qe se propone cmo los momentos de comedia y los de drama, recomendable para pasar una tarde sin hcaer na

Phil N (ru) wrote: Typically odd Thai films that plays homage to The Exorcist whilst throwing in an assortment of oddball characters and slapstick comedy. Quiet female student Rahtree kills herself after being betrayed by her supposed boyfriend and then haunts the apartment block she lived in, much to the dismay of the other residents. It??s never less than fun to watch but the tone veers wildly, the more poignant moments somewhat undermined by the over-the-top performances from the cast. Successful enough to spurn two sequels however!

Melody M (gb) wrote: Sandra Bullock. I love her. Seriously. Oddly deep comedy.

Hemant B (kr) wrote: The best film i've ever watched!! This one is epic romantic from yash raj films with the KING KHAN as raj and kajol as simran. SRK was simply OUTSTANDING in this film. He played the role of Raj with near perfection. The public will easily fall in love with him. Besides the music of the film is among the BEST of indian cinema with the tracks becoming all-time hits. No doubt this is the longest running fil in cinematic history and also features in the GUINNESS BOOKS OF WORLD RECORDS. This is a film from the heart and is very entertaining and not to forget the ICONIC CLIMAX..

Emm L (mx) wrote: I fell in love with Alicia Witt when i went to see this at the Lumiere while wagging school with a temporary 'best friend'. I even used to watch the shitty sitcom 'Cybil' (Cybil Shepherd) with the hope of seeing a scene with Cybil's daughter (Alicia Witt).Yes, the film has flaws but it's utimate message is that sometimes there's no motive for murder, and i think that's true.

Lucas M (ag) wrote: The first time that I saw, was very bad, but after Housesitter become a likable film with a unique duo.

Amanda P (au) wrote: always had a crush on ms leigh

Miguel R (br) wrote: An annoying sense of humor and lack of superheroity make Superman III not so super

Don H (it) wrote: Improbable but fun movie about the bond that forms between two kidnappers and the young girl they "accidently" kidnap. Bridgette Andersen steals the show as the young girl.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: Produced by Irwin Allen (The Poseidon Adventure (1972), The Towering Inferno (1974) and The Swarm (1978)), the was the end of an era. The last disaster film of it's kind produced by Allen, who retreated back into TV after this was done. It was such a notorious flop that disaster films went out of vogue until Roland Emmerich brought them back over a decade later. Set on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, where a newly constructed luxury resort is attracting tourists, Hank Anderson (Paul Newman) is drilling for oil on the island when he is told that a nearby active volcano is about to erupt. The resort's hotel has loads of guests in it, Anderson goes to tell hotel owner Shelby Gilmore (William Holden) about the situation, but he isn't sure how to sort it out, but the general manager Bob Spangler (James Franciscus) ignores the warnings and tells the guests everything will be OK. Indeed the volcano does block up, and Anderson and Gilmore, with a small band of tourists, including Tom Conti (Ernest Borgnine), Rene Valdez (Burgess Meredith) and his wife Rose (Valentina Cortese) and Valentina Cortese (Red Buttons) head for higher ground on the other side of the island. It's a very silly action film, and even for 1980, there is some shockingly bad special effects on display, and the acting is hammy at the best of time, and the action films are either anti-climactic or too long, like one scene on a collapsed bridge. It should have been so much better, the title promises a lot, but it doesn't.

Mereie d (ca) wrote: It is no novelty that the so-manieth sequel is usually not the best in the series. This rule certainly applies in the case of ??The Concorde ... Airport '79??, which is in no way as good as its predecessors from the Airport series. While some of the earlier sequels already had somewhat far-fetched plots and a superficial hotchpotch of a cast, ??The Concorde ... Airport '79?? takes the cake. Granted, one has to think of some sort of new story to amaze one??s viewers, and the build-up of this movie IS suspenseful, but at the same time it is all so unlikely: who would try to destroy an entire plane with all its passengers just to eliminate one witness and a few incriminating papers (imagine not only the risk, but the cost too!), and why didn??t Harrison (Robert Wagner) just have Maggie (Susan Blakely) eliminated in Paris when the other attempts turned out to have failed? This Maggie Whelan, by the way, is not the cleverest of journalists, given the fact she apparently never suspected Harrison to be behind the attacks. No doubt this is because the movie shouldn??t end too soon and the viewers should have another chance to ogle their beloved Concorde (which is a dazzling piece of technical design ?? the fans of this airplane must love the movie if only for that). It is a pity there are so many clumsy elements in this production, like the utterly unconvincing special effects (scale-models all over the place, and I think even some background projection in the taxi), and some of the acting (like the saboteur technician losing his money on the run(way) ?? almost like slapstick ?? and the hit man killing Maggie??s informer with a sort of silly nonchalance instead of the expected ruthless ferocity). The chaotic assembly of flight passengers is in itself OK, but most of them remain too superficial to allow the viewer to feel involved with them. In such a case, it just doesn??t work. Up to a point, the same things goes for the flight crew, but I suppose we can say the makers of ??The Concorde ...?? got away with it there: Alain Delon, George Kennedy and Sylvia Kristel are just about sympathetic enough for us to feel sorry for their (possible) predicaments. And I always like movies with Alain Delon, or with Sylvia Kristel, who, I am proud to say, is Dutch. On the whole, I cannot say I didn??t have a good time with this movie, although it is definitely not too good.

Andrew B (mx) wrote: Gentle comedy of John Steinbeck novel set amongst mexican community of Monterey area in California. Hedy Lamarr, Spencer Tracy and John Garfield all play Mexicans, which takes some getting used to, but the film is really gentle and sweet and has an absolutely extraordinary performance from Frank Morgan as a mysterious hermit who holds court with his dogs. Touching stuff.

Bruno V (ru) wrote: Maybe if Braddock was played by a different actor this movie get's half a star more .....but so who so a cool picture ! SOMDVD

Gavin M (de) wrote: One of Jim Carrey's best comedic roles in a long time. He truly shows in this movie why he will always be one of the best comedians that had ever lived

Midlands M (au) wrote: Austin Powers/Wayne's World star Mike Myers directs this documentary about showbiz manager to the stars Shep Gordon and his lifetime of high and lows with a variety of musicians, film stars and even TV cooks! Beginning out in LA in the late 60s, Myers explains how Shep fell into his role by carving out a dark satanic career for gothic legend Alice Cooper before heading in the opposite direction to manage Canadian crooner Anne Murray. Alongside the obvious stock footage and a few dramatic reconstructions we get fawning vox pops from friends Michael Douglas and Sylvester Stallone who tells us a few (mild) tales of debauchery but sadly most of it is left to our imaginations. My favourite parts were the latter stages of Shep's career as he helped Teddy Pendergrass face a worldwide audience after a car crash that left him paralysed as well as becoming a father figure to his adoptive family despite having no long-term partner of his own. These emotional beats are still somewhat fluffy and out there somewhere is the real story of depravity and wantonness but you won't find it here in this flattering facade. A gentle, glossy and polished biopic but sadly it is mostly surface stories we get rather than a treatise on the talented talent manager and his no doubt thrilling life. A pleasant and sentimental ride that will have you beaming 6.5/10 Midlands Movies Mike

Andy P (mx) wrote: The last film before what I call Eastwood's Renaissance period. It was thrilling to an extent and I think Jeff Daniels and Eastwood had a good repertoire, but I don't see it coming anywhere close to the heights of Eastwood's greatest feats.

Connor B (au) wrote: One of the most awesome movies ever made, and probably one of the only fantasy films of the 80s that can count as a true work of cinematic art. Why more people don't like this film baffles me.