Moon-faced Sombat, a middle-aged taxi driver, usually works the night shift in Bangkok. He is an old-fashioned "straight arrow" and the greatest enjoyment in his lonely life is to listen to...

Moon-faced Sombat, a middle-aged taxi driver, usually works the night shift in Bangkok. He is an old-fashioned "straight arrow" and the greatest enjoyment in his lonely life is to listen to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monica L (it) wrote: Terrible terrible. Usually love zombie movies, but this is standard low budget, bad acting, phony attack scenes, 1960's music score. You name it. Run away

David M (au) wrote: The camera work was incredibly annoying. Oh & the movie was crap.

Andreas O (de) wrote: Magically regenerating snakes, terrible performances, crap CGI and a shifting plot with more holes than a broken sieve. Perhaps not as bad as the third one, but that's really not saying anything.

Donald D (ag) wrote: It struggles a little, but it has this strange feeling like the writer/director knows what he's doing more than we do. It's a big step up from your average thriller, and I'm honestly inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, even if it has some weaker or strange moments. Some of that strange is good.

Parmesh D (ag) wrote: A film that re-defines the magic of film-making

Alexey K (ca) wrote: Very impressive! never saw such a movie before! It's like meditation...

Gayle D (ag) wrote: I was glued to the screen from beginning to end...FANTASTIC!

Lisa Michelle A (kr) wrote: A stupid film, and not worth the watch, for me anyway.

Andrei G (jp) wrote: Great movie, hard to swallow but a must-see movie.

Ronni (ag) wrote: Actually never saw the whole thing. Fell asleep everytime I tried watching it. BORING.

Aidan H (us) wrote: The Dardennes Bros. seem to have cornered the market in hand-held teen tearjerkers and their Rosetta is as ferociously implacable as their other works. Alternately sympathetic and grim, the life of the tormented titular heroine is documented in repetitive and gruelling scenes of hardship until the point is rammed home. While I found the film's gritty realism succeeded in holding the attention for most of the time, it was mostly due to Dequenn's indomitable performance rather than the 'camera in the ear' intimacy which didn't give the proceedings the adequate visual scope. Still, a heartbreaking and hard core diary of poverty and neglect that is as important as it is damning. Difficult to sit through but well worth the effort.

Richard D (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this flick a whole lot more than I had any right to expect. Like the best Full Moon productions, this vampire flick features some great gory makeup effects and an amiably rambling plot that picks up right where "Subspecies" ended. One of the heroines on the previous film escapes with the Bloodstone that evil vampire Radu wants really badly. She makes her way to Bucharest (this series was shot in Romania ... cheap, budget conscious Romania) and calls her sister for help. The problem is that Radu had shared blood with her, so she is also becoming a vampire. A decent, schlocky bit of gory fun.

Andy C (kr) wrote: Everything about this espionage 'thriller' is deadly serious when, in reality, it's a complete dog. Griffith produces more snickers than an Eddie Murphy standup routine.

Victor M (fr) wrote: War is absurd, as absurd as it is to have representatives of religions in the battle field. Altman made a great comedy film about this absurdity and a satyrical black humour that sometimes is really cruel and irreverent.

Robert H (gb) wrote: Sports aren't really my thing, but every once in a while I enjoy watching a sports movie. This one in particular is a great one despite following Disney's formula almost to the letter. Often, it's not the ideas in a movie that make the difference, but their execution, and that couldn't be more true here. MIRACLE is the story of how the USA came from behind to defeat the USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics. I already knew how things would end, but for me that didn't matter. It was great to see fantastic performances from the entire cast and the development of a diverse group of individuals into a cohesive team under the leadership and guidance of Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell). It gets off to a bit of a slow start, but once the focus shifts from team-building to the excitement of playing hockey things really took off. The only thing that kind of drags the film down is a subplot involving a conflict between Herb Brooks and his wife (Patricia Clarkson), but mainly for pacing reasons. I still thought it added depth to Herb's character overall. I should also give props to the soaring musical score which effectively sell the emotional highs. When all is said and done, this is a great film that speaks to America's strength in times of adversity. I'm not one to buy the myth of American exceptionalism hook, line and sinker, but I do acknowledge that we need inspiration from time to time and this film definitely delivers it. Highly recommended for sports fans, or people who like inspirational films.

iain m (mx) wrote: Evil through Fear through ignorance - a story that seems to repeat in every generation. A great story, and true too.

Gabriel C (ag) wrote: This one is a hard act to follow. It's unclear if this remake is better or worse than the original.