Cherry Falls

Cherry Falls

Cherry Falls is a quiet little town - until the night that a serial killer begins preying on its youth. After a third teen is found slain, the killer's modus operandi emerges: the victims were all virgins. Sheriff Marken (Michael Biehn), is concerned for the safety of the teens in general and in particular his own daughter Jody (Brittany Murphy), who is still a virgin.Once the students realise that to save their skins they're going to have to lose their virginity now, a meet-and-mate party takes shape. Jody finds herself at the centre of the mystery and the mayhem. As the students' 'Pop Your Cherry' ball gets going off campus, Jody takes matters into her own hands, in more ways than one...

The film follows a bloodthirsty murderer who is eager to kill the virgin girls. So that, the local high school is his aim and the local teenage decide to have a sex party to prevent his conspiracy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael S (gb) wrote: So creepy because of the truths behind the crimes. Snowtown is masterfully done. Telling what lengths people with go because of social standings and tabo. It scares you into thinking even a rumor spread about you can be deadly. If there are men like this then nobody is safe. Win win all around for this film. Reality is always the scariest thing in film other than a nightmare of a true story that is.

Anthony V (jp) wrote: A disappointment. Seems like it was cut down from a much longer film. Some great action sequences, but mighty choppy with some story problems.

Private U (au) wrote: La Terre des hommes rouges, film que personne n'est alle voir, parce que tu comprends, c'est les fetes, donc Madagascar 2, c'est plus adapte. Un tres beau film, foisonnant, passionnant, sur la revolte d'Indiens du Mato-Grosso contre des fazendeiros et l'acculturation qui leur est imposee par l'ordre bourgeois blanc qui se deguise par le biais du Droit. Mais, comme le dit le chef de tribu, la propriete privee, ca n'est qu'un papier, ca n'a pas de sens pour eux. Tout un fosse est dit, sans manicheisme - les Indiens sont decrits comme incultes, misereux, graveleux, et tous les personnages blancs ne sont pas de purs mechants - ou, disons, sans trop en abuser. Les rapprochements entre les deux communautes, par des unions sexuelles ambigues et furtives, figurent parmi les plus beaux moments du film (belle tension sexuelle). Apres une fin necessairement violente, l'ultime plan, vegetal, passant de la foret, la terre des Indiens ou ils ne peuvent meme plus se nourrir, aux surfaces desormais dediees a l'agriculture intensive (mais qui leur sont interdites), est, conceptuellement, encore plus brutal. Un grand film politique. N'oubliez pas d'aller voir Madagascar 3.

Georgiana A (kr) wrote: Interesting story, would have preferred a different lead actress as Renee always feels so forced.

Ed C (ca) wrote: One line summary: Five men with temporary memory loss guess their roles in a kidnapping. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jean Jacket wakes up in a closed room where the one exit is locked by passcode. Other prisoners are present, and most seem worse for the wear. Jean Jacket pounds on the door and raises a holler or ten, but gets no attention. He takes a phone call, and takes notes, but seems not to know what it was about. Broken Nose, Bound Man, Handcuffed Man, and Rancher Shirt wake up soon there after, and the four of them try to figure out who they are and why they are together. Elsewhere, Eliza cooperates with law enforcement to get her husband back. Snakeskin Boots intercepts the hostage money and eludes the police; he calls the trapped men and tells them he will meet with them before sundown. Bound Man finds a gun, but Jean Jacket takes it away from him. They discover instructions about the toxic gas stored in canister around the rooms. It can cause temporary memory loss in small doses. Broken Nose begins to remember a bit later; he was one of the abductees. He talks to Rancher Shirt, the other abductee. Rancher Shirt tries to get the gun from Jean Jacket, but fails. Broken Nose frees Bound Man, and the anger rises and partial memories surface. Jean Jacket gives Handcuffed Man some water, but cannot get the handcuffs off. The last two kidnappers are coming with the money. Two cops are tailing them with mixed success. Erin is in despair about losing her husband. The men in the room with memory loss are cooperating to find a way out before the kidnappers come. How does this pan out? Be prepared for twists and turns as the memories surface.-------Scores------- Cinematography: 8/10 No problems. Sound: 9/10 Well done. Acting: 7/10 Jim Caviezel, Bridget Moynihan, Peter Stormare, and Joe Pantoliano were excellent. On the other hand, Greg Kinnear was unconvincing as usual; with every line he speaks, I look for an indication that it's a joke or a bluff. I only believe his insincerity. Jeremy Sisto disappoints as always. Screenplay: 9/10 Kept me guessing to the end.

Edgar C (us) wrote: Imagine Fellini's neorealistic Miracolo a Milano (1951) with its humor twisted into a John Waters / Marco Ferreri celebration of political incorrectness. Almost literally, there is cannibalism within this unconventional family, and Nino Manfredi acknowledges this as the "head" of them all. Scola never attempted something similar in his career as far as I'm concerned (he'd later proceed with a non-serious, self-spoofing failed romantic movie called Passion d'Amore [1981] with an unintentional(?) reference to Nosferatu), yet his remarkable direction propels a unique twist in any genre this rare hybrid possesses.97/100

Thomas P (nl) wrote: I was in absolute awe.