Cherry, Harry & Raquel!

Cherry, Harry & Raquel!

Harry (a corrupt sheriff) and his Chicano deputy hunt an Apache who is about to go to the authorities with the news Harry is smuggling marijuana. Harry makes love to Raquel (a prostitute) and Cherry (a nurse). The women also has an erotic encounter between themselves. Harry's boss gets it off with Raquel and Cherry, too. Uschi Digard romps around the desert naked

Harry (a corrupt sheriff) and his Chicano deputy hunt an Apache who is about to go to the authorities with the news Harry is smuggling marijuana. Harry makes love to Raquel (a prostitute) ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henrysmovieguide C (au) wrote: While sometimes fun to watch, this movie is overall not that great. It's kind of a retread of the first movie and is overly silly. Like a lot of other animated movies these days.

Christopher B (de) wrote: Not bad, again a watchable Netflix horror shocker. Having Combs in it is icing on the cake.

Moo C (ag) wrote: It was nice to see Jorge Garcia play someone besides Hurley, but this film was all over the place. The stories barely tie together well and the ending was sad and lame.

Greg S (kr) wrote: Documentary on Henry Darger, the reclusive Chicago janitor who secretly wrote a slightly insane 15,000 page novel about a child slave rebellion mixing the Civil War, Christianity and children's fantasy stories, illustrated by hundreds of incredibly detailed full size paintings. A solid introduction to Darger, whose utterly unique and slightly disturbing oeuvre has made him the poster boy for the outsider artist.

familiar s (au) wrote: Fortunately, it didn't turn out to be as bad as I was expecting.

Steven H (ru) wrote: Awesome music with a spot-on feel for the NC mountains. I did not know Emmy Rossum before this and am now a huge fan.

Esthon W (de) wrote: This movie is ridiculously funny but with a deep-seated message of acceptance and love. The script is flawless and the actors delivered a telling performance. I love the "de-homosexualization" scene between the transgendered character and his psychiatrist! LOL!

Manuel C (kr) wrote: Boogie Nights plays well with our juices and imagination till the last second when it appears to reveal its big deal but it is nothing close to our big imagination.

Catie Li M (kr) wrote: Pretty decent, kind of slow but interesting drama.

Bengel W (it) wrote: Steven gives the best performance of his acting career and this is polished by Tommy as they act out their little old hearts. The direction and editing give a tight and easy to follow story that is complimented by simple music adding to the temperament of the scenes. Ending is usual, setting around last moments but adds to the thrill. Nibbles: Chocolate Mousse.

Shane M (mx) wrote: One of Mel Brooks' best films. The film perfectly satirizes the dates and events depicted in the film with nonstop laughs, good acting, direction, and writing from Mel Brooks. The film also has good production and set design that show faith to the settings. The film has bizzare yet hilarious moments that make this unforgettable and a classic. The cast give good performances, and Mel Brooks shows content that's offensive yet funny and likeable. Not Brooks' best film, but a great one from the king of spoofs.

Greg W (au) wrote: a real weepie i cried throughout as a lonely woman (jane wyman) meets a GI falls in love only to have him killed in WWII so sad.

Matt P (ag) wrote: even for the 50s, thats some racist shit.... i couldnt believe Gable called the africans "the niggers"....i had to rewind it. brave white bwanas and scared africans....movies were actually that bad (not in a good way)

Matthew C (us) wrote: "Wings" is the first film to win the Oscar for Best Picture. It's also the only silent film to do so. This WWI drama, however, doesn't seem like a silent picture. Sure, there's no audible dialogue and there's title cards intercut throughout, but it seems far closer to the classic style of Hollywood filmmaking that we are used to. This distinction, quite honestly, is welcome to me. The acting, for one, appears to be far more naturalistic. There's less mugging, if you will. Also, the blocking and editing seems reminiscent of what one would see in any war epic from the 30s, 40s, or 50s. I'm even stunned by the level of violence present -- characters often spurt blood soon after being shot. These elements all help me distinguish this film from the silent era (of which I don't feel comfortable giving an un-biased review on) and provide me an easy entry point. This film came along toward the end of the silent era, explaining its more polished approach. But I am still fascinated by how much the art-form had evolved in just thirty years. Even for today's standards, "Wings" features some stunning imagery. Most notably, the film has some awesome aerial photography and stunts. Stunt flyers perform death-defying aerial maneuvers in WWI-era planes, and camera operators are right there in the cockpit to catch it all. There's no special effects here. Flyers nosedive, crash into buildings, and perform thrilling fly-overs -- making for quite a thrill-ride. I just don't see any of this being done today. Not that it should be. Safety isn't as big of a concern here as it is in the Hollywood of 2015.It becomes apparent pretty early on that, despite some stirring interpersonal drama, this production is more concerned about realistic aerial set-pieces than with the originality of its story. Like "Pearl Harbor," this work of historical fiction wraps a standard love triangle plot around its war footage. I don't think it would be reaching too far to suggest that the novelty of the film's aerial work was all it took to grant "Wings" the acclaim that it received.Still, there are some pretty good performances here. Clara Bow stands out. There's even a small role for Gary Cooper. Yes, THE Gary Cooper. Aside from a silly scene in a French nightclub featuring animated bubbles (imagined by our drunk protagonist), there's not much I can complain about. If not the best of the classic war movies, it's at least one of the best WWI films of all time.

Mary B (de) wrote: Great Lennon music and I laughed out loud more than once.

MoVee F (nl) wrote: Easily one of the saddest movies I have ever seen. Swank was stunning, as well as Eastwood.