Cherry on the Cake

Cherry on the Cake

Amanda believes men are too complicated and has lost faith finding the perfect one. Her friend and a psychoanalyst have a plan how to make her fall in love.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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Cherry on the Cake torrent reviews

Camille M (ca) wrote: Wonderful..... I haven't been that emotional watching a movie for a long time....a must-see

Terry J (br) wrote: Very motivating and inspirational.

Aidan H (it) wrote: Great superhero movie.

Harry W (es) wrote: With the ridiculously oddball comic book series providing quite a guilty pleasure of entertainment, Tank Girl sounded like a fun cinematic experience. I watched Tank Girl once before and found that it was too much of a loopy and scattered film with manic energy but no consistency in its narrative. I thought that if I read the comic book it was based upon that I might have greater appreciation for it. In actual fact, Tank Girl was worse the second time around. First of all, Tank Girl's story starts at the complete wrong time. While the first comic in the series began at a point in time where the titular Tank Girl was already an established vigilante wreaking havoc in the steampunk Australian outback of the future, the film takes a step back and becomes an origin story. Rather than accepting that Tank Girl herself is a legendary wild child who is driven by her self-indulgent desire for hedonistic pleasure and exhilarating action. The film adaptation decides to focus too much on giving her justifiable motivations so that the audience can sympathise with her more, relaying a boring background to her which consumes much of the narrative without giving it sufficient humour or action to satisfy. The way the film actually treats Tank Girl is much like Danny Cannon's adaptation of Judge Dredd (1995) which coincidentally came out the same year. Tank Girl is frequently referred to as Rebecca Buck, a name she is rarely ever referred to as in the comic series. Having read the comics I couldn't even remember her name because she was just Tank Girl to me, yet the film insists on humanizing her and pretending like it doesn't. But the other thing that frustrated me was how little time she actually spent in her distinctive tank which is a second way the film betrays its title.Tank Girl's boyfriend Booga is also a mistreated character. He and the entire Kangaroo squad in the film are depicted as a bunch of kangaroo-human hybrids rather than just mutated kangaroos. The story suggests that they were a military experiment in an attempt to create super-soldiers, and this is once again a testament to the overly serious nature of the film. Most of their screen time is spent just joking their way through situations intended to be legitimate, and it reflects the misguided tone of the entire experience.Frankly, the Tank Girl comic series is not too unlike that of Deadpool. With the film adaptation of Deadpool (2016) having just recently been released, it served as a perfect example on how to make a legitimate comic book action film and a parody of one at the same time. But like Danny Cannon's Judge Dredd, Tank Girl just fails to find the correct balance to make it work. Tank Girl's original comic series was about its characters in a violent pursuit of all the beer they can gather since the post-apocalyptic setting of the story has essentially turned society into a large gang of violent punks. The story in the Tank Girl film changes this to water so that the characters are motivated not by their passion for partying, but by a need to survive. This detracts from the fun experience of the material and gives it a far more serious feeling which does not match the overall atmosphere of the film or the comic that inspired it. The experience is meant to be fun, not serious. Apparently that's not how Tedi Sarafian sees it. But given Rachel Talalay sees the experience as a more comically oriented one, the script and direction proves to conflict with each other. As a result I didn't take the film seriously but didn't find it funny either, so none of its intentions met eye to eye with me as a viewer. The original comic book was ridiculously over the top in a sense that it was the natural flow of the universe, but the film presents a mood which is too self-aware of this for it to feel like a legitimate narrative tone. I just didn't enjoy Tank Girl as a standalone film or as an adaptation of its comic series, so I really do not see it as anything worth recommending.Nevertheless, I will give the film points for its slick production values. Made in much the same style as Richard Stanley's Hardware (1990), Tank Girl is a post-apocalyptic film set in the desert and cut together like a music video. Iggy Pop is even a featured cameo in both films which further reinforces this. The scenery for the film perfectly depicts a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the party scene is still active for the dwellers. There is a lot of hypnotic colour in the film which gives it the feeling of a drug trip at the right moments, and even if the cinematography fails to grasp the potential spectacle that lies within the film it still succeeds at making a fair impression. The costume department is also a strong part of the film as they set the characters up to reinforce the punk nature of the universe, but the department who designed Booga and his kangaroo pals certainly prove to be the low point. They make little more of an impression than those who worked on The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) which is already frustrating enough considering how mischaracterized he is. Tank Girl's slick production values and soundtrack should give it a modicum of entertainment to the least demanding viewers.When it comes to casting, Tank Girl acquires a mixed response. I put Lori Petty at the heart of this all because I don't know that I can support her performance, but I know it just didn't feel right. Lori Petty has the correct energy for the role and looks the part well enough, but when it comes to nailing the edge of the character I just didn't feel it. This is largely because Lori Petty's voice is way too high pitched to fit the profile of the role. Tank Girl is a character with a distinctive attitude to her; a proudly relentless nature which ensures her refusal to back down in the face of anybody. To capture this, an actor with a certain commanding tone of voice would be needed. Lori Petty doesn't have that, and as a result she plays the entire role out like one big joke which makes the film more like an extended sketch comedy than an actual narrative piece. Her gimmicks wear off quickly and eventually I just found that I wanted her to shut up Tank Girl makes it hard enough for anyone to find a role in any of the characters, but Lori Petty is very much miscast into minimizing any potential to be anything more.Naomi Watts similarly lacks the ability to make any kind of an impact since she plays Air Girl as being too vulnerable to survive in the universe of the film. The only relief in the cast lies in the fact that Malcolm McDowell is never problematic in the role of a villain and Ice-T's performance as T-Saint is completely wack in a manner so strange that it's delightful.Tank Girl has some moments of stylish flair, but its ridiculously thin story and repetitive cheap gags are as abundant as the disregard for the source material which makes it an awkward affair all the more disappointing for fans of the original comic.

Michael R (fr) wrote: Actually, I have never seen this movie. I just thought it would be better than reviewing another stupid vampire movie. Although the synopsis does make it sound like kenny rogers saves a bunch of kids from the evil clutches of the srs or something, so perhaps it is a vampire movie after all.

Sam G (de) wrote: A great Beatles spoof

Patrik P (fr) wrote: Well done take on the drug scene of the 70's. I think this is one of the first of many movies about this kind of thing, so it's cool to see kind of where many recieved their inspiration. Not the best, but good to watch anyhow. And...well...why the hell is Robert DeNiro on the poster?

Will D (it) wrote: In the first 10 mins, our hero stuggles to get himself out of bed for his brekkie. Five minutes later, he's rampaging around a woods in his underpants picking off a bunch of ruthless mercenaries a la Rambo. It is terrible but unbelievably funny, and never boring.