Cherry Tree Lane

A couple is terrorized by a gang who is hunting their son.

A couple is terrorized by a gang who is hunting their son

Cherry Tree Lane is the best funny movie of Paul Andrew Williams. This movie was introduced in 2010. There are many actors in this movie torrents, such as Rachael Blake, Tom Butcher, Jumayn Hunter, Ashley Chin, Sonny Muslim, Jennie Jacques, Corinne Douglas, Kieran Dooner, Tom Kane. Movie' genres are Thriller. The rating is 5 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie torrents. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Brad B (br)

Not as funny as they tried to make it out to be

Damien M (jp)

BTW, "living off the grid" with a WiFi code of "Spaced360"?? Sounds like grid living to me. I've even taken five mins and my FIRST review on RT's to let people know to not waste their time. Some people found the story well-written; I think they they didn't understand the story and tried to cover it up by saying it was well-written. . . . Reminds me of those Goth kids in South Park. The ultimate in narcissism where the world is coming to an end and all they can do is kvetch about their pitiful relationships. I think the part that utterly had me pissed, were the characters' apathetic POVs to what was going on outside their space. It's a shame these folks weren't killed off in this supposed apocalypse. I saw the first 45 mins and and shut this off - reading the ending in the plot section of Wikipedia

Dimas H (es)

tch this,, don't watch Upside Down. . really something out of my mindConclusion. . . but still i just can let it go, The Twist. . Enjoyable ? Yes of course 100 % . . the story is more more more than Upside down. Enjoy -o -meter 10/10This movie clearly a great example of Japanese can do. well i say it is very nice, after that nothing so special. . Music 8/10The Music is clearly great but not that great, the fun part of the bgm is when the boy left the girl in the shed for the first time. . never seen that kind of twist since Evangelion. . the twist is the best part. Story 10/10the story complexity is at the right stage, not too complicated and not so easily guessed. simple but stil enjoyable. . Graphic 9/10The graphic of this movie is mesmerizing, even though not as Shinkai Makoto's. . and so it begins their adventure. one day some boy caught by accident an inverted woman. two kinds of man, inverted and normal one. More than "Upside down"Sakasama no Patema or Patema Inverted is about upside down world because of "God Punishment"

Ian S (us)

Carl Allen's life is going nowhere the usual No man is transformed into a YES man and Carl's life starts changing

James T (de)

Some fun songs, and I totally appreciate and am inspired by the ultra low budget bare-strings approach, but the film makers' previous effort, COLMA, is overall much better!

Martin S (ag)

The modern woman as the antihero in a web of manipulation and the struggle with boredom in a day-to-day world

Paul P (ru)

The ending of the movie is a little boring and conventional. This is some of Liotta's best work. Of course my favorite section was when Ray Liotta came on screen and practically fractures the story in half. The first half of the movie is fun with Griffith and Daniels getting together and two of them are very good. But when it adds up together its just okay. I like all the pieces of this film

Private U (de)

Hit that perfect beat boy

Riley H (kr)

They're both so outstanding that you sort of don't care about the lack of a great story. And the acting is superb. There are so few cuts it's incredible. This is one of the best shot movies I have ever seen. But the shots are amazing. The plot isn't much and the main plot device isn't really that great (though it leads to some funny moments)

Shell (us)

SS itari is mixed up and blind". Can watch this movie over and over! First saw this on USA up all night with Gilbert Gotfreid