Chetna is a 1970 Bollywood film that focuses on the subject of rehabilitation of prostitutes. A shy and reclusive young man, Anil Dhawan, gets to meet a prostitute, Seema, through his friends, Ramesh. Anil is very shy at the very first meeting with Seema, and then starts to cultivate a friendship with her. She responds also, and both fall in love. Anil proposes marriage, and Seema is delighted to accept. Anil has to go out of town for a four or five days. When he returns, he finds Seema has taken up drinking alcohol and smoking in a big way, and appears despondent, and non-chalant, making him wonder what had happened during his absence to make her regress in this manner.

A shy and reclusive young man, Anil Dhawan, gets to meet a prostitute, Seema, through his friends, Ramesh. Anil is very shy at the very first meeting with Seema, and then starts to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebecca P (de) wrote: There is future for the children's film industry!

Evan A (fr) wrote: A tense and emotional film that pulls off its singular setting throughout the entirety of the film. (A-) 9/10

Lily A (mx) wrote: This is a very amusing movie; it deals with over protective parents.

Karen F (gb) wrote: There were some points where this film looked promising - the initial scenes where the girl wakes for short periods for example, but on the whole a run-of-the-mill horror, nothing special, fine for watching after a night on the beer but that's about it.

Ale L (gb) wrote: Though The Kingdom takes a slightly disappointing turn from war drama to crime thriller, it still manages to maintain its occasional thrills and some of the best action sequences I have ever seen in my life.

Paul W (fr) wrote: It's hardly news that entrenched ideas, ego, and politics reign supreme in academia, and that bucking the system, however brilliant you may be, is asking for trouble. But you could make a hell of a good movie about it.This movie, though, falls a little short. The characters -- Chinese post-graduate students, their doctoral advisors, and other members of the academic community -- are realistic and well-played, and the parallel glimpses of Liu Xing's family back in China, which form the backdrop for Liu's letters home, are an interesting and nice touch. And until near the end of the movie, the story is believable.Where it breaks down, and where this movie falls short, is Liu's inexplicable descent into madness. The Liu we meet and come to know earlier in the movie is too balanced and practical to go postal. His actions aren't believable. The ending feels added on . . . it doesn't fit the rest of the movie.But this director, Chen Shi-Zheng, has a sort of M. Knight Shyamalan thing going, and I'll look forward to his next movie.

jeff s (it) wrote: good low budget murder/mystery if you like the tv show csi then you might like this not much of a twist thou i new who it was

Rui M (ru) wrote: Disturbing drama plays like an experimental film with scenes that are sometimes indescribable.

Private U (it) wrote: Very good. Not great, but very good.

Alexander C (fr) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing! sex!

Trevor B (au) wrote: Not the best Stephen King movie out there, it lacks a certain depth and flow that undercuts any suspense or horror

Claynel T (au) wrote: I'll have to admit this movie is why I get jungle fever in the first place

Michael W (gb) wrote: Schwarzenegger mixes the successful Commando with the movie Aliens. Schwarzenegger brings an action movie plot twist with Dutch (Arnold) and his special forces team fighting a new adversary from outer space. All the muscle, guns, alpha male action mixed with a camouflaged Predator. Directed at an adrenaline pace where the special ops suddenly realize they are the hunted. Corny acting with machismo humor, grunts, screams, creates a horror/action classic. 3 and an half stars.

Ryan B (ca) wrote: If Al Pacino wasn't in this film, nobody would know what this movie is.

Joo Marcos F (kr) wrote: Seguindo risca o que aprendeu com o mestre Robert Bresson, Malle cria um neo noir que se destaca pela valorizao dos detalhes.

David C (ag) wrote: If this movie makes a misstep, it is letting the preacher character wax a little too preachy. But then, that's what preachers do. And other than that, if that is even a fair quibble, the actors and the people behind the camera give a master class in storytelling. The opening scene shows the protagonists as children, offering a meaningful glimpse into the characters' past. Other background information, like Rocky's rise to the top ranks of the criminal underworld, his multiple incarcerations, and the fact that a couple of other conmen owe him big money, is conveyed in shorthand because it doesn't require full narrative treatment. This leaves more screen time for the playing out of the main drama: Rocky's clever re-rise as a hardened hood with a heart of gold, his expert touch with both friends and enemies, and, most significantly and memorably, the style of his fall. The sight and sound of Cagney and Bogart on screen together is not a thing to miss.

Vanda K (es) wrote: Two lost souls trying to create for themselves the life they've always been craving for but running away isn't always the best solution. Colin Firth and Emily Blunt are amazing in this romantic, yet not dripping road movie. I didn't really understand the additional storyline with Wallace's son, though. Page filler, nothing more.

Taija H (ca) wrote: Juu ei. Ei hyv, ei hauska. lyttmyyksi tynn. Nytteleminen ja muu leffan laatu kuin lukiolaisten harjoitustyst. Ihmettelenp vain, ett Al Pacino, joka on nytellyt mm. Kummisedss ja Naisen tuoksussa, alentuu tllaiseen. Muita tunnettuja nimi tss ei sitten ollutkaan. Skeidaa.