Cheyenne Autumn

Cheyenne Autumn

A reluctant cavalry Captain must track a defiant tribe of migrating Cheyennes.

When the government agency fails to deliver even the meager supplies due by treaty to the proud Cheyenne tribe in their barren desert reserve, the starving Indians have taken more abuse ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Franois M (mx) wrote: Comdie romantique plutot banale et surtout trs ingale.... peine charmant, le genre de film qu'on rencontre sur une tablette quelques annes plus tard et dont on se dit : "Ouin... me semble que j'ai dj vu a...."

xniquet L (ru) wrote: No tits from Viva Bianca? Come on. I waited till the credit rolls just to make sure I get a glimpse of her titties but no. I officially hate this movie. Now I have to re-watch Spartacus: Blood & Sand

Sean N (ru) wrote: As much as this film has been bashed by critics and fans alike, The Ledge is actually a decently acted and well cast film with plenty of turns and interesting religious debates that keep audiences entertained and the movie worth-watching. If anything it's definitely worth giving a shot.

Megan o (gb) wrote: Bitter Feast isn't a great movie, but it's an entertaining one -- and it definitely sums up my feelings about critics.

Joanna B (fr) wrote: Paul Conroy is a civilian private US contractor working and helping to rebuild Iraq by driving trucks. Waking groggy and disorientated in pitch darkness after an ambush on his convoy, Paul regains consciousness trapped inside a wooden coffin; buried alive.Not comprehensive as to why he is in a claustrophobic death trap, Paul realises he is armed with a lighter, a full hip flask and a mobile phone with only three bars of battery. In a race against time, he must find a way out. Air in short supply; he quickly discards the lighter burning up precious oxygen and the flask providing minimal assistance. Turning his attention to the mobile phone, Paul attempts to contact the outside world; his family, his employers and the US government. However, he is quickly disheartened and frustrated by people's rational dismissal of his situation and the idea of contacting 'anyone who could help' turns into a hindrance for his safe escape.It soon becomes apparent his captors had more sinister ideas for the phone. Making contact, they demand a huge ransom for his life, and if he doesn't comply harsher demands will be imposed. As the outside world continues to prove not be helpful in the aid of finding a man buried in a box somewhere unidentifiable in the middle of the desert, Paul realises he must rely on his best resource, himself. Director Rodrigo Cortes draws inspiration and technique from iconic filmmaker greats like Hitchcock, Scorsese and Spielberg in Buried; his first full length motion picture. The film inventively takes place mostly in real time, entirely inside the buried coffin and with only one actor ever shown. An exercise in panic control, cell phone frustrations and deadly fear, actor Ryan Reynolds drags us into his cramped coffin of terror effectively conveying each tortured emotion. As the sense of urgency escalates and so does the technical genius. By remaining inside the confined coffin the camera angles and action that would apparently seem limited are in fact resourceful and intense. Some interesting observations about the film content; don't worry, no spoilers. Firstly, Paul's phone carrier, to get decent reception feet under ground, who are you? Because I'm ready to sign up. Secondly, Paul's telecommunications frustrations not with the service, but the people who provide it, are ridiculously relatable. The constant buck passing, phone trees, voicemails and complete lack of customer empathy rings true above ground just as much as below. Thirdly, Paul's employer, being heartless and unscrupulously bureaucratic, highlights a situation almost anyone who has been gainfully employed can instantly comprehend. Lastly, as much as viewers are predisposed to blaming Paul's captors under the burqa of anti-American political sentiment, another opinion to their actions is offered. Although totally apparent in its objective to be impartial under the tensions of the current climate, it is nice to see another view of their actions to be explored. The Verdict: A fantastic concept, executed well with precision timing. The filmmakers have achieved portraying the story they intended, but is it as meaningful as they intended? Published: Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 15/10/10

Chris S (ca) wrote: The melodrama is at a fever pitch in this one and the movie doesn't hold up to scrutiny at all. Benedict Cumberbatch, in a way, highlights the very good acting of Ricardo Montelban in Star Trek II. In that film, the character he plays has many nuances, but Cumberbatch is either quiet and sinister, or completely over the top bad. JJ Abrams is approaching Star Trek like George Lucas approached the Star Wars prequels with stereotypes meant to pass for archetypes and ridiculous CG action crammed into every scene.

Adrian S (us) wrote: Full of familiar, if not especially 'famous', British talent this is a thoroughly likeable comedic tale of embarrassing oddballs.Eddie Marsan is, once again, brilliant as the put-upon good guy who doesn't quite fit in with modern life. With great support from the likes of Ewan Bremner, Jessica Hynes and Tim Healy (among many others) this is one low-budget first feature that is a pleasure to watch.

Heather S (ru) wrote: Good movie. Pretty intense, very strong imagery, and I had no idea where the plot was going. :)

Dean K (nl) wrote: A great little English film with a great English casting line up. Including Kelly Reilly a very good actress on the rise, who will be well known to UK audiences in Above Suspicion, as the star of a West end show where the girls perform naked. Set during the 2nd world war, it shows the quirky, eccentric and fighting spirit of the people at the time. The film whizzes by very quickly, with a great cast, lovely girls this was a quirky comedy/drama that was more entertaining than I expected.

Tony G (au) wrote: A nice version of the typical 'sell-your-soul' story. Anthony Hopkins really makes the film, even though he isn't a main character until the second half.

Kaitlynn L (fr) wrote: It was creepy, funny, and I loved the old western theme!

Michael B (fr) wrote: Typically overlooked by his Wallace & Gromit work, these little shorts are pretty good.


Niloo R (kr) wrote: a good film with some touching moments - i expected it to be much funnier though. also, it just felt sappy at the end as it opted out for an easy ending instead of actually addressing the problems established by the characters throughout the film. and the subplot involving the mother was just depressing.

Jose M (au) wrote: For a really cheap film, Manborg is flat out entertaining, for it's retro throwback dating 1980s. I was mixed with the story telling and the film's lead Manborg, but most of the characters were entertaining. I cannot fully recommend it, but I wink at this film.

william b (jp) wrote: I read Robert E Howard when I was a young buck. Good adventure story.