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Paul C (gb) wrote: Creepy and disturbing suspense/horror flick. Deliberately paced, which adds to the tension. At first, the sex and nudity in the film may feel gratuitous, but it plays into one of the central themes of sexual repression and feelings of guilt. Shot with vintage lenses, it has a bit of the look of an older film without feeling as forced as many recent "retro" films. Great use of locations around Tijuana, Mexico.

Rachel A (ru) wrote: This is one of my faves!! Bittersweet with a great message about the importance of education!

Charles P (ru) wrote: Machete is intended as over-the-top entertainment, packing its runtime with so much chaos, brutality, silliness, and flatness that it doesn't end up being much fun.

Arthur L (it) wrote: 2012 Doomsday at least made some sense. This movie doesn't.

Alberto M (br) wrote: Yes, it's borderline poetic and ridiculous, but still has some depth and emotion.

Chris H (kr) wrote: Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman are incredible, not to mention RUFIO RUFIO RUFIO!

Amy B (mx) wrote: A truly funny movie. Set against the backdrop of both the Wizard of Oz and the impending war in Europe, this movie manages to have both humor and suspense. It is well cast and well played.

James H (mx) wrote: The cast is a huge asset to the film, Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson are both great, and the supporting cast does very well. It?s an amusing story, entertaining but does have a few slow stretches. Overall, it?s good.

Matt G (br) wrote: Constant exposition and annoying 50s melodrama mar what is otherwise a pretty incredible feat of technical and artistic ingenuity.

Sean D (it) wrote: The first in a fairly long series of films with a crossover series with Anaconda. Arriving on the scene a little bit later than Anaconda, is Lake Placid. The film follows a similar concept to Anaconda. Replace South America with North America, go in the complete opposite direction, almost to Canada. And the big one, replace a giant long river with a much smaller lake that leads to an ocean and you have the lake almost known as Lake Placid. The movie is very '90s like, such as the score and character development, this is 2015 and I felt like it was a '90s film, heck I grew up in the '90s, that is my decade after all. I watched it in 480p but in 720p entry-level HD, it would have become even more apparent that it was a '90s film.The plot is whatever honestly the character development is what makes the film fun to watch, the crew is random and the introduction of thr Paleontologist to the story was completely hillarious, and then that other guy that drops in later is the icing on the cake. The film does seem pointless and wastes time. A lot of things you start questioning that makes no sense to figure what the creature that lives in the lake is and how to apprehend it. Otherwise, it's a pretty fun film to watch and a '90s classic monster film so give it a watch. Not an excellent film, but certainly not terrible either.