Chhailla Babu

Chhailla Babu

When a ski instructor saves her life and wins her heart, Rita (Zeenat Aman), a beautiful heiress, can't help but wonder whether he's really there for the romance or merely to find her late father's hidden fortune. Meanwhile, police are on the trail of an elusive underworld thug named Scorpion, who's nowhere to be found. But could it be that Scorpion is a lot closer than Rita realizes. Rajesh Khanna co-stars.

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Javier E (fr) wrote: Pudo ser mas intensa, pero se quedo corta. Una espia huerfana toma el lugar de otra en su casa y hace una vida. Pasan el tiempo e investigan el caso, descubriendo toda la verdad. Es buena, pero termina siendo como pelicula de Hallmark en lugar de darle fuerza al thriller. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

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Zein Marth Zeiner Zenden Noten Valek V (jp) wrote: How was this even made?

Manish S (gb) wrote: one of my all time fav

jordan l (ru) wrote: Loved this film, very quirky set pieces. Only thing negative is it could of been a better story line involved.

Ryan V (gb) wrote: The two stars are for Harrison Ford and Karen Allen. The rest: bad.

Brandon C (jp) wrote: A rare case of a sequel outperforming the original, but it wasn't by a landslide. It was a good movie that could have done better at the box office.

Jason S (es) wrote: it was somewhat allright

Dominic O (fr) wrote: Awesome coming of age movie. I like the light hearted (mostly) aspect of this film. It's romantic take on the topic rather than the focus on the social, moral, blah blah blah consequences of other films that came after. I miss seeing films that actually meant to encourage and empower people in their position and outlook on life.

horse c (br) wrote: I'd rather watch paint dry

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Mark M (ru) wrote: One of my favorite Astaire/Rogers films now. It's actually really funny with great dancing and a great comedic plot (albeit too quick a resolve). Memorables: Astaire's amazing solo at the golf driving range; Rogers' uninhibited and wacky pranks; the pair dancing seemed more athletic (thinking of Rogers' jumping around Astaire's leg propped on a table); The Yam was cute and charming; the hypnosis dance was cute and actually relevant!; and overall I was just too charmed by Rogers, her moves, her wit, and even by her wardrobe (i like the heart with arrows shirt worn to her 2nd appointment with Astaire). Not too much i can complain about other than the story came to an end all too quickly and i felt sorry for his friend whom he just stole the girl from! What an ass...Also interesting to note, probably the first movie i've seen Rogers more interested in Astaire than the other way around...

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