Chhed Chhad

Chhed Chhad

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Chhed Chhad 1943 full movies, Chhed Chhad torrents movie

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Chhed Chhad torrent reviews

Peter N (mx) wrote: I was always disappointed by how the series ended, and hope that mysterious fourth novel somehow gets published. The movie reflects everything that was a let-down within the book.

Stella D (us) wrote: while it's lovely, it's the least impressive denis film i've seen yet

Tea R (ag) wrote: Jako neobican, ali dobar film koji ti ude pod kozu. Covjek se prisjeca tih nekoliko dana kada je imao napuniti 13 godina i sve sto se dogodilo u tom razdoblju. Malo mi je krivo sto nije vise realisticnije prikazano. Naizgled, djeluje kao da se takve stvari ne dogadaju, ali van nasih okvira, itekako ih ima. Da je samo dodana ta nota, film bi bio puno bolji. Cak me iznenadio Duchovny kao redatelj, bravo. Jos moram samo reci da me mrvicu po atmosferi i osjecaju prilikom gledanja itekako podsjetio na film Wackness.

Hobie P (de) wrote: Fails to live up to the original and the plotline was just poor on every level.

David B (au) wrote: Although this documentary is 8 years too late, it's still good to see that it's been done, and that the marketing of it has paid off (I saw it near the end of its run and the theatre had about 150-200 people). North Americans need to understand that the foundations of Western civilization and science rests on the golden ages of knowledge in the middle east. Don't discount that the Arab/Islamic contribution to human civilization may have had its day. The oil economy, and changing political climate in the middle east could indeed see its rise again, and for the betterment of humankind.

Amber V (kr) wrote: This was a really nice, feel-good movie, the dancing was great. I'm glad the story didn't take the turn I was fearing. Richard Gere was spectacular in one of his usual lovable characters. He just got an irresistible.. something. Stanley Tucci was hilarious, I just love that guy.

William W (br) wrote: This was an excellent film and it really surprised me that it was included in my cheapo Mill Creek 50-pack, 'Nightmare Worlds'. The pair that played the married couple in the film were actually married in real life, and the actor who played the evil Japanese mad scientist was born, like me, Canadian. This would have scored higher for me had the mutation not given Larry a second head--they needn't have overdone it there. This was made very suspenseful, with nourish undertones, and it was a greatly enjoyable alternate take on the Jekyll and Hyde story, complete with allusions to: a) The power of alcohol in transforming one's personality and morality; b) how difficult it is in one's life to be faithful and monogamous, when life has more than its share of temptations.; and c) The power of both unconditional love in both friends and one's spouse.This certainly deserves a better rating than it tends to get in cinephilic circles, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any fans of the genre.

Charlee R (au) wrote: Surprisingly amusing film that is actually full of a bunch of people I've heard of....and you can dance to it!