Chhevan Dariya (The Sixth River)

Chhevan Dariya (The Sixth River)


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Panjabi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Chhevan Dariya (The Sixth River) torrent reviews

Ming Siu G (es) wrote: The script could've used another pass (some of the characters are rather stridently one-note, until all of a sudden, they're not), and the shenanigans fizzle out before the climax. But it's still competently directed, and watchable.

Brian L (ca) wrote: Great cast and crazy characters. Very funny!

Paul D (kr) wrote: An uplifting coming-of-age story with a great soundtrack. It just feels a little too written-for-the-screen rather than a genuine story from the 1970's.

Christopher S (gb) wrote: A fairly shocking true-life conspiracy tale of celebrity culture run amok. It profiles some truly fascinating personalities who populate a corrupt political climate that almost sounds too strange to be true. As compelling as the subject is, the editing could use some tightening and, as a film, it doesn't lead to any kind of satisfying conclusion. But despite its flaws, an important and engrossing film.

Eduardo R (au) wrote: An original kind of weirdness is hard to find nowadays. Perfect Sense isn't a masterpiece but unique, indeed.

Edith S (gb) wrote: I love a good gorefest zombie film. This film was not that, but it made up for it with substance. It is certainly not your typical 'get bit, get turned' zombie flick. That is why I was impressed with Pontypool. The slow build of anticipation throughout and only being able to hear and not see what was happening served this film well.

Justin B (kr) wrote: It's a far fresher spin on a very tired genre but it still feels like too much concept for too little plot.

Hasan C (us) wrote: Great hilarious movie with cultural and serious elements.

Kenny V (ru) wrote: Strangely captivating. I was glued to it.

Sean T (jp) wrote: this movie is one of the best examples of great character development..

MJS M (ag) wrote: When this was first recommended to me I had never heard of it, which is odd because I?ve always been a fan of movies about Vietnam. In many ways this is a forgotten film and I think that might be because The Deer Hunter came out the same year and eclipsed it. Really this suffers in comparison to a lot of Vietnam movies; it?s not as thoughtful as The Deer Hunter, as intense as Apocalypse Now, as authentic as Platoon, or as smart as Full Metal Jacket, but view on its own it has its merits. Of all the films I just mentioned, Full Metal Jacket is probably the one it has the closest kinship to, as it has a similar format of showing G.I.s as they are trained and follows them into the battlefield. It even has R. Lee Ermey in a small role as a drill sergent (though he?s not anywhere near as good as he was in the Kubrick film). Unlike Full Metal Jacket this lacks a consistent tone, I think it struggles to decide whether it wants to be a satire or a straightforward war film, if it?s trying to be the later it probably doesn?t work to great, if it?s trying to be the former it works better but it?s not as good as other anti-war films of the era like M*A*S*H or Catch-22. I didn?t really find the characters overly interesting and the story is a pretty standard ?tour of duty? type thing. I felt like the movie was really treading water for most of its runtime, but then came the film?s climactic propaganda soccer game. At first this scene seemed really silly, but it eventually developed into a pretty smart allegory for the war itself, and that in many ways redeemed the film for me.