Chhoti Bahu

Chhoti Bahu

Radha lives with her widowed dad and is of marriageable age. Accordingly her details her provided to a marriage-broker, Avtar, who also doubles as a Ved (Village Doctor). He brings the proposal before Shriram and his wife, Sita. They approve of Radha and show her photograph to Shriram's brother, Dr. Madhu, who agrees to marry her. The marriage is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony in the entire village. It is then that the Shriram, Sita, and Madhu find out that Radha has a serious illness - a fact that was known to Avtar - but not communicated to them. This illness prevents her from being intimate with Madhu, and the only cure is when she has a child of her own. Will this marriage be annulled?

Radha lives with her widowed dad and is of marriageable age. Accordingly her details her provided to a marriage-broker, Avtar, who also doubles as a Ved (Village Doctor). He brings the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos H (jp) wrote: Bom filme. O final poderia ser melhor, mas vale a pena ver.

Jehangir A (gb) wrote: good but perhaps longer than necessary. .

Barry T (ag) wrote: thought this would be terrible but infact its quite sweet. Got funnier once the ghosts began to help MArc

Dennis H (de) wrote: Harmless entertainment. Typical Bollywood in so far as one gets many minutes for the price. Who knew my local Walmart had an Indian film section?

Carlos I (gb) wrote: Pretty dope horror movie from Stuart Gordon. Another early great from Full Moon. It was a lot darker than I was expecting.

Dave J (es) wrote: Friday, September 10, 2010 (1984) Wheels on Meals (aka Meals on Wheels) (In Chinese with English subtitles) (English dub by Japanese) ACTION/ COMEDY The second pairing of Jackie, Samo Hung and Yuen Baio which is like the Chinese equivalent of the 'Three Musketeers' without so much use of swords replacing it with hard hitting martial arts! This film also marks the first film appearance of real life martial artist Benny "The Jet" Urquidez who has a perfect kickboxing record before retiring! It was also marked the first film of Jackie's that was filmed overseas, in this case Spain. Great musical score, topping it off with an awesome fight between Jackie and Benny which were hitting each other for real! ( it can be viewed on youtube). Real life kickboxer Keith Vitali makes an appearance as well! Read very carefully about the behind the scenes of this is also intriguing as well such as on the making this film, off camera Benny "The Jet" would go to all the dojos all over Spain and challenge some of their best fighters! That for every hit and block, that it would be necessary for them to rest before continuing, block and then rest, hit and then rest for 5 minutes for every hit and block! Read that according to co-star Keith Vitali while Benny would hold some of his punches, Jackie would not- notice the latex rubber gloves on Jackie's hands! Was a major hit in Japan which resulted in making their own English dubbed version using Japanese voices speaking English with of course a Japanese accent. What is unusual is that the Japanese version is longer than the original theatrical version which includes outtakes that is not shown on the Chinese version. One scene memorable was an accidental hit by Benny "The Jet" onto Jackie's neck before shaking it off! This film I'm basing it on is purely on action and nothing else! 4/4

Dave J (au) wrote: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 (1982) Unsane SPAGHETTI HORROR DUBBED Although this film was originally released in Italian with English subtitles and was supposed to be longer in terms of running time length- this shorter dubbed version was the only one available at the time and the only one I saw so far! Story regards a writer and his books involving a string of murders, which was originally taken from a much older movie or tv show I saw which might've been a Twilight Zone episode! All this is, is Dario Agento's version which is labelled as a horror picture with twists, and is quite effectively well done! 3.5 out of 4

Sergel C (br) wrote: Hepburn + Connery as Marian + Robin = memorable love story

Dave H (br) wrote: B-movie quickie, mostly of historical interest, as it was rushed onto screens shortly after Dillinger's death. The grim tone is fine, and Tierney is electric, but it's just a little TOO lean and cardboard cheap for my tastes.

BRADFORD Y (de) wrote: BEYOND THE LIGHTS is an exceptionally well written, directed, cast, photographed and edited film . . . in which GUGU MBATHA-RAW (!) and NATE PARKER (The next DENZEL WASHINGTON?) shine so very, very bright.BEYOND THE LIGHTS has everything required of a GREAT romantic film . . . including the supremely talented and gorgeous female lead. Highs, lows, drama, even beautifully light moments . . . see it . . . and . . . fall in love.BEYOND THE LIGHTS and GUGU MBATHA-RAW possesses every super star quality . . .

Joshua L (ru) wrote: If you've seen the Documentaries I doubt you'd find this film satisfactory. However, I thought it did a decent job at streamlining the main case while maintaining a cinematic flair to it all. The actors make it worth watching for sure.

Eric B (mx) wrote: This movie is thriller, crime, tense, suspenseful, and rough. Emily Mortimer was fantastic. It's fun to watch Harrelson play an average, upbeat American guy. This movie has unbelievable thriller plot, decent beautiful cenimatography, strong characters, and solid performances. Even though it started off slow, it speeds up and really got me riveted near the end even it it was well past midnight. It will make you to think "What would I have done?" This is how a thriller movie is done! Well worth watching for a classic thriller-type film. Two thumbs up!

Jordan L (ag) wrote: Bad. Very bad. I do not even understand half of what was going on!

Joanna B (ag) wrote: Poor. Not worth watching.