Chicago Joe and the Showgirl

Chicago Joe and the Showgirl

During World War II, an American serviceman in London decides to impress his English girlfriend by acting as an American gangster, which soon turns deadly.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   robbery,   gangster,  

During WW2, an American soldier in London decides to impress his English girlfriend by acting as an American gangster. The act soon turns deadly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andi B (es) wrote: Great idea, well executed. Strange soundtrack, but enjoyed.

Christopher E (kr) wrote: Cute and relatable, "500 Days of Summer" is yet another solid romantic comedy where Joseph Gordon-Levitt can shine. Tom Hansen, a greeting card writer, falls in love with the secretary of his new boss. However, when it's stated that she doesn't believe in love, nor does she want a serious relationship, he accepts in hope that he can make something more of it. I knew little, if anything about this movie going into it, but I was excited to watch it. I picked it up on Blu-Ray at my local DVD store for a few bucks and I was finally excited that I had the chance to watch it. To my surprise, it actually turned out to be pretty good. Granted, it doesn't feel like anything new or original, and nothing here is going to blow your mind, but it's a very cute and honest romance that will be able to hit home for more than a few people.First and foremost, I am a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I've liked Zooey Deschanel in the few things I've seen her in. Individually, they each fill their roles real nicely and Levitt has always been a great, comedic/dramatic actor, but together, they create this very charming and pleasant atmosphere that I'd like to see more of. They work really well together and they build off of each other pretty well. They bring out the personality of the characters and they're able to help relay this great and real message about love.I feel like the best words to describe the script was cute and realistic. For starters, whenever I say a romantic movie's screenplay is cute, that's a really good thing for me. When I'm able to giggle and relate to the things that the characters themselves are doing, it just helps bring this new experience that I only get to experience every so often in real life. When I say realistic, that means that this movie is completely honest about how our minds work when it comes to different scenarios of love. In the end, all of us just want to love and when we think we've found love, we'll do what we can to pursue it. Even though it's obvious that this is probably not the path that Tom should take, considering he's blatantly told that, it shows how clouded our minds can get and how love can easily take over the human brain. I really like the message this movie portrayed about love and how difficult it can be sometimes.Although I understand why they did it, I'm not sure I liked the format of this movie. They were constantly jumping back and forth from day 1, to day 494, back to day 23, then to day 254, and it just got really confusing at a point. It felt like they were jumping from timeline to timeline just for a few comedic moments and it felt a little bit messy. I also felt the narration was unnecessary. We didn't need the narration to help guide us through, especially since neither of the characters were doing it. I felt like it could've been more meaningful if Tom was narrating the story, but instead, it was some random guy doing it. It felt out of place and awkward at times to the point where it just got annoying.The resolution of the story was also out of left field. I won't spoil anything, but the way it resolved not only conflicted with some moral values of one of the characters, but was a very quick and cheap way to wrap things up. It helps resolve Tom's character but it honestly makes Summer's character more unlikable for me. Still, in the end, I had plenty of fun with the movie and I was able to leisurely laugh and smile throughout.

Nayurin C (ca) wrote: No-stop action, excellent fighting scenes and the parkour scenes are fantastic, story a bit simplistic but in overall a good film.

Tom B (it) wrote: A long, period drama piece about French history that many have hailed as a masterpiece. From other reviews I was expecting more gore, racyness and better acting. The Queen Margot is an interesting character but my opinion on this film is that is a cult favourite, praised for it's ambitious historic strengths, but as a movie it is slow, drawn out, dull, dated and poor.

Giorgos T (it) wrote: Great performances from Turturro and Goodman, clever humor and a strange script.

Liam J (de) wrote: Being Tsukamoto's first and only studio piece, I think its obvious, the ferocity and raw qualitys of his work are far from present. Even though this may be a drawback it's still got his charm, the shots are brilliant and there are even more than a few "jump" moments that I havent had in a long time. Seeing little heads run around on spider legs and jump on your face and stick their veiny tongue down your throat and make you commit suicide, I thought that was kinda cool. His pessimism is long gone aswell, where normall his films leave you feeling unfinished, this one wraps everything up with a nice pretty bow, for me, that was just too weird for a Shinya piece. Not to say this was a bad film or anything, buy any other standards it would be great, just not up there with his other work.

Jeremy B (de) wrote: A genuinely good effort in the period of the silly spymania movies that either outright spoofed Bond or tried to outdo him. Strangely, Richard Johnson's Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond really has nothing to do with the earlier incarnations of the famed detective and seems to be the character in name only. Nevertheless, thanks to a quite witty screenplay that features interesting characters and some clever dialogue, helped enormously by a cast of very talented and charming actors, this film elevates itself above the dozens of other mid-to-late 60s spy movies.The girls are lovely, lead by the always alluring Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina, with a terrific -- and sadly brief --appearance by the gorgeous Virginia North. Well directed by Ralph Thomas who never lets the pace slow down. It also features a great theme tune by the Walker Brothers, the lead singer of which is the legendary Scott Walker. All fans of the 60s spy film absolutely must see this film, and its not-as-good-but-still-worthwhile follow-up called Some Girls Do.

Jamey D (kr) wrote: It's a rather entertaining and interesting tour through the 1941 Walt Disney Studios, and I actually did enjoy the tour. Quite a few images to keep one busy while the film plays.

David V (it) wrote: Gold Diggers of 1933 is one of the great movie musicals. But, Ruby Keeler keeps me from a five-star rating. I can't imagine how Keeler ever became such a successful musical star. She has the voice of a chicken with some type of sinus trouble. When she dances (if you want to call it that) she has all the grace of someone trying to stamp out ants. She can't act her way out of a paper bag, either.

Scott R (es) wrote: Almost good. But it did have some things I'd never seen before.

Ramona S (gb) wrote: Well intentioned but unfortunately not well executed. Found myself very bored very quickly