Chicama tells the story of César a recent graduate of a teacher's college who has a hard time getting a job, so he accepts a position in a rural school in small mountain town.

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Chicama torrent reviews

Tim P (kr) wrote: can't believe i wasted 60 baht on this crap

Douglas W (fr) wrote: This movie snuck up on me....and I quite enjoyed it.

Karan K (fr) wrote: delicious little flick..took 6 years to release..but was the wait worth it!loved the starting.

David V (au) wrote: Great indie film, superb actors for the better part. You hear about this sort of things and see it in movies occasionally, so it was interesting to see how the family members dealt with it. It was somewhat emotionally moving, made me value family more. Did it change my mind about having kids? Well before I was at a "fuck no", and now I'm probably at a solid "hell no".

Robb J (ag) wrote: I can't find Spooky Encounters 1 and this looks like #2 but hey, both movies are good. Sammo Hung is a very talented kung fu star and this is the first comedy/horror I've seen from Asia - both movies were done really well with lovely Evil Dead 2 style special effects & comedy moments. I'd recommend both films to any fans of Kung Fu Comedy or Sam Raimi.

michelle b (fr) wrote: don't remember it gotta watch it agai

Frances H (jp) wrote: Wonderful cinematography and compelling performances mark this tale of a doomed expedition searching for El Dorado. The further they get from the small enclave of Pissarro's version of "Spanish Civilization," the less constrained by the laws of their society they become. In some ways, this film reminds me of Lord of the Flies , in the break down of "law and order" to "law of the jungle" the further they go into the unknown. Masterful film.

DeMarkus H (us) wrote: It's nice when older movies are actually good . 1967 and in color cool .

Amber B (au) wrote: I just love this movie! So cute so sweet!

Isaiah H (gb) wrote: Eddie murphey classic

Wes L (br) wrote: Starts out strong and goes wrong as soon as the the plot kicks in. I dug Brosnan as the preacher, Tomei as the pothead, and Kinnear as a bland guy thrown into danger. There's amusing scenes along the way, especially Brosnan's encounter with the Mexican toward the end. But it never builds to anything because the underlying plot is handled as predictably as possible, and the Christian satire is 10 years out of date. If only the movie promised in the opening 10 minutes had been made.

Sarah A (de) wrote: This is a made-for-TV movie, which means the acting may not be that great, and that was the case for this film. The writing also was weak at points, and the movie dragged on and on. However, it kept my attention as I watched to see what would happen to all the characters.