Chicken Run

Chicken Run

Having been hopelessly repressed and facing eventual certain death at the British chicken farm where they are held, Rocky the american rooster and Ginger the chicken decide to rebel against the evil Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy, the farm's owners. Rocky and Ginger lead their fellow chickens in a great escape from the murderous farmers and their farm of doom.

The plot revolves around smooth-talking Rhode Island Red named Rocky who is the only hope of a chicken band to escape from certain death when their owners decide to start selling chicken pot pies instead of eggs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam T (us) wrote: Many people challenge their faith and authority. The main character idolizes a pop star, but does not use her body or lower her values to achieve what society covets. Loved it!

Alexander Z (de) wrote: Very biased, but raises many good points.

Chris H (jp) wrote: Average. I love Liv Tyler and I think Casey Affleck is good, but this Buscemi directorial outing isn't anything special. All I remember is Affleck's character's Hemmingway fascination.

Jess L (ca) wrote: This is a really beautiful story told in a visually captivating style. With its tragic twists and turns and its lovable characters its hard not to fall deep into the world of 'Love me if you dare'. Truly enjoyable, with a definite 'Amelie' feel to it, this is a French flick you should add to your to watch list.

Samus M (ca) wrote: a gem. simple and extremely effective. the writing and acting are fantastic. it may get a little self-indulgent towards the end, but the tension and sheer craziness of it make it impossible to look away.

Dickie R (ag) wrote: I would love to see this movie on the life and times of 'Bwana Simba', the late George Adamson. and who said Kenya didn't have great people?

John D (ru) wrote: I love it...but you probably won't...

Christopher M (ag) wrote: I happened upon this gem on the encore channel when i had some insomnia. Its creepy and makes your skin crawl. Probably because its a true story. But this movie was very well made and Eric Roberts turns in a phenomenal performance. Also well directed and well written.

Professor S (nl) wrote: Coppola's first feature, that wasn't soft core porn, and you really can't tell, so long as you're Helen Keller. Admittedly, the budget was under fifty large and the singular worst scene in the movie was actually shot and directed by Jack Hill, but that really doesn't excuse the complete lack of coherency, or pacing, or horror or, you know what we could play this game all day. I'm not exactly sure what went down, but I shall do my best. Right off the bat some lady's husband dies after suffering a heart attack while strenuously rowing, and she decides to cover up his death in order to maintain her claim to his mother's fortune. Don't worry about this though, it all becomes irrelevant when she's murdered by the serial killer, or was it a ghost. Was there a ghost, the characters said there was a ghost, didn't they? I never saw it nor did it have any bearing on the story, but there was a ghost wasn't there. Anyway people continue to get murdered, a few red herrings are developed, more murders, more herring, and suddenly the mystery is solved. I liked Patrick Magee though. Too much? Not for this film.

apollo h (it) wrote: would have been better without will ferrell

Dolores H (us) wrote: Hilarious and brilliant and exciting. One of the best films I've seen this year. But why didn't any of the Avengers come to help when there was a war on Earth? 2nd time: Emma 10/10. Lucy 10/10. Charlotte 10/10.

Simon T (jp) wrote: A powerful and moving meditation on the greatest film actor of our time, collated from private cassettes and home movies. It reveals a sensitive and compassionate human being nursing enormous pain.