A group of students share their joys and sorrows in an apartment on the Paris Rive Gauche.

Pam is twenty. She and her girlfriends hang out together on the couch at The Ranch, the apartment she shares with Manon. Sitting around chatting, drinking, smoking, and dancing are part of life at their age, but there comes a time when you need to cut loose from the group and go your own way... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel C (mx) wrote: This movie looks stupid. If Newts Gingrich is in it you know it will such. He's a baby shaped man.

Ja J (jp) wrote: Phas Gaye Re Obama' is unpredictable, Interesting, entertaining and hilarious, based at the time of the global economic recession. The concept is new and creative. Acting was great by everyone, Rajat Kapoor was brilliant. This is a film not to be missed. Overall an entertaining movie and importantly something different...4/5

Austin W (ru) wrote: while not as bad as hoodwinked 2 this is still on the lower end of the sequel spectrum. this film has sub par animation, sub par voice acting, stupid new characters, and even some offensive stereotyping but kids will enjoy it and im a sucker for animated movie so two stars.

Harsha P (fr) wrote: Can't remember the last time I laughed so hard! The guy playing Bin Laden was amazing! Thoroughly recommend for a laugh.

Jonathan K (es) wrote: The wolverine vs hulk trumps Thor vs hulk

Daniel B (au) wrote: I have never posted before, never seen the point as some one else tends to have said what I think already but after watching this film I felt compelled to say something.The only positive comments seem to stem from the amount of time spent on the film and/or the small amount of money it cost so let me tackle this first.Time spent on the film: If the film took this long then why did it look like it had been improvised the day before? The script was shocking. Why were the camera angles so bizarre and laboured? Where is the evidence of this? Size of budget: I have not been able to find anything saying how big the budget was so cannot provide a definitive comparison. That said there are numerous examples of people taking small budgets and working them into something that the actors can say they have been in with pride. A small budget does not equal a poor film any more large budgets guarantee a good film. Money should not have made as much of an impact unless it meant that they obtained the services of a director, script writer, camera man etc really cheap because they were in a coma. I could have forgiven you a few small inaccuracies with kit due to a small budget but the deficiencies with the film far exceed anything to do with money. I have seen excellent performances within theatre performed entirely by amateur dramatists that are on par with professional pieces. You have to take account the woeful script but big questions need to be asked of the person in charge of casting & the director. I'm not going to attack the actors here (though the performances were poor) because even the best performances possible would have been lost within the putrid mire of the rest of the production.As said previously I would never tell someone not to watch a film but I would strongly recommend thinking again before watching this. Even 'Teeth' (normally my lowest marker) was better than this.

Steve S (br) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Phillip W (es) wrote: Good movie the performances where good and most of all the plot was good.

Chrie (fr) wrote: I cry everytime I see this movie!!!

Dan G (ca) wrote: I felt really bad for all the girls in this movie :(

Joe L (de) wrote: Loved it as a kid. It still works.

Nadeem M (nl) wrote: Follow-up to the excellent Female Prisoner #701, this is more of the same trashy, exploitation style, but is even better. This is actually the first film I saw in the series, and was hooked within the first few minutes. This one isn't set only in the confines of the prison; it turns into a prisoner/warden chase. Arguably the best one of the series.

Fernando R (kr) wrote: My parents favorites movie with Susan Hayward, a singer love story .

Andrew U (ru) wrote: Not really an original plot, but it's interesting to see Errol Flynn chasing after Nazis in Winnipeg and Northern Manitoba. (49th Parrallel is a better "Nazis in Winnipeg" film, though.)

Kris C (jp) wrote: Not Harold Llloyd's best, but the fact that this brilliant comedy isn't his best says a great deal about the man. As well as being superbly funny, it is a great documentation of New York in times gone by, and of the near-mythical Babe Ruth.

Matthew C (kr) wrote: An entertaining movie that paints the possible future of mankind using predictable humour and average screen writing.

Cooper H (ag) wrote: Superman II doubles down on Reeves and Kitter's excellent chemistry to make it enjoyable. The villains are lacking and the story has quite a few plot holes.

Nick W (fr) wrote: Brilliant. My favorite Gilliam, except for maybe Brazil.

Tim B (gb) wrote: After watching two of my favorite action stars in several recent movies (Van Damme and Lundgren), the nostalgia in me came about and I suddenly had a flashback to this flick. I rummaged through my attic VHS collection an had a sit down with Universal Soldier. I still remember seeing this on the satellite dish for the first time and being totally wowed by it. It was good to go back to that feeling of being a kid and not giving a sh*t about rent, bills, work etc. This is one of those flicks that makes me a seven-year-old again and I needed that kick. People who be hatin' on flicks like this, go at it all you want. I don't write this stuff because I am trying to give the final say on what people should watch. I like discussing movies, I like interpreting movies and these type of movies speak to me. I don't think these movies are dumb by any sense of the word. They're made to entertain us and for all the intense dramas and 'sophisticated' thrillers, we get the action flick with badasses ready to keep us amused without subplots or subtext. I, for one, can use them every now and again and this one is one of my favorites! A lot of hand-to-hand combat, fighting, guns, chase scenes and many moments of bloody violence! Not solely relying on action, the flick also kept the look and feel of the film and Roland Emmerich's amazing eye was on top of that. The color blue gave the flick a surreal look and the odd artistic touches he put in various parts was the cherry on top (all about those angles!) Granted, the film's plot isn't the most involving but it didn't want to be either. It still managed to bring some softer moments to the table. I didn't swoon over it but I still bought them nevertheless (especially when it came to Van Damme's character). Speaking of Van Damme, the man underplayed the part and it worked in his favor. The man's a great actor, period. Dolph Lundgren also shines and gets to showcase some pretty morbid moments. Made me forget his blah role in Stash House fairly quickly. Ally Walker made her role a lot better than it had right to be. She also made me chuckle (intentionally) a few times! Ed O'Ross is a major character actor and does no less than he has before. Shines as always. On the downer, the same reason I praised the movie was sort of what I fault it for. The movie didn't really delve a lot on the story side of things. There was some development in terms of the dualities in the 'human vs robot' side but then dropped to make way for the action. I can't complain but I would've liked some kind of payoff as I was invested once it surfaced. Alas, I didn't get it, but the substitute worked well enough in the meantime! This is a no- holds-barred, action-packed, well shot and (at times) funny flick that defines well what ENTERTAINMENT means to me. Loved the flick and will gladly see it again in the future!

Damasso G (kr) wrote: nice app to see movies.i love it