Chico Rei

Chico Rei

Galanga, king of Congo brought to Brazil as a slave, finds gold in Vila Rica, in the State of Minas Gerais, and buys his enfranchisement, the properties of his former owner, and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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intuciic (jp) wrote: pretty good movie, has good story plot

Thomas K (au) wrote: An amazing story! I really liked this movie and would recommend it for sure.S/V/P: 1/2/0

Mike B (nl) wrote: Very predictable and pedestrian rom com.

Mark B (ru) wrote: one of the more sleazier frankenstein films. belongs right up there with flesh for frankenstein

Sandy C (au) wrote: i could not watch the whole thing---FAIL

Katie H (au) wrote: I love this film. It was awesome to see this film after seeing movies about oppressed women in society.

Dan C (gb) wrote: Hugh. Grant. Is. Fantastic. Plus he reminds me of me.This heartwarming tale about a dude who meets a kid and maybe learns some responsibility although we can't really tell because he probably really wanted to play guitar on stage.He's cool though and hot and his girlfriend is cool and hot and the characters are all fantastic and the soundtrack is fantastic.It's also BRITISH. I can see why it got 94%. I mean he has an Audi TT and they were pretty cool cars at the time. I think it's a TT.The duck thing is very human. The way that kid talks is very human. It's a very human movie. I think they should make a sequel where Hugh Grant's in his 40s and broke and trying to hook up with girls on Tinder.Dan Copping

Tyler J (gb) wrote: This Movie Was AWESOME Call It a Action Horror Film I Guess Yeah Pretty Good! GO JASON!

Mike B (mx) wrote: Slightly different than your typical romcom, but not overly. In typical romcom fashion the beginning in pretty hysterical, and then the laughs dwindle and it gets into more character development (which is still good).

Alexander G (br) wrote: They both could have fucking lived

Kelly K (gb) wrote: This movie was so vulgar it was not even right. Aside from that, it was hilariously funny. I Laughed so hard it hurt and I had to pause the movie at one point to "recover." If you need to laugh and just escape from the stresses of life for a couple of hours this just may be the film for you.