Chihuahua: The Movie

Chihuahua: The Movie

Sondra Wellington (Anya Benton) is bossy, controlling, and extremely unpleasant. But everything changes when a special friend from Sondra's past transforms her into Bella -- her assistant's loveable little Chihuahua. While Sondra lives as Bella, her real body is in a coma. In order to gain access to the hospital, Sondra must prove that she has what it takes to be a therapy dog. As she learns the tricks of the trade, she becomes more connected with the people around her and realizes her past mistakes. It appears that Sondra is finally ready to turn over a new leaf in her own life --that is, if she ever gets the chance.

Sondra awakens as her dog Bella. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike W (ru) wrote: Legendary is very heart warming.

Ian R (gb) wrote: Typical kinda film. but has some good parts in

April N (mx) wrote: I read the book, and even though I know the movie is not big budget, I still want to see this. Nothing wrong with a little enlighenment.

Hardy H (jp) wrote: one of a kind oddball comedy.Jon Heder does a wonderful job here but thankfully everyone understands by now that's all he can do. he's a terrible actor.

PATTY IS ONESPOILEDBRAT (fr) wrote: great movie to see with the kids

Jay A (us) wrote: It's Non-sense the movie didn't Focuses on Leatherface instead in a pack of Horrible New Characters but stil i had fun with the kills

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Jason S (es) wrote: its a pretty good marilyn monroe movie

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