Children in the Wind

Children in the Wind

On vacation's eve, a boy is sent to the countryside to live with his uncle after his father is imprisoned and accused of embezzlement.

On vacation's eve, a boy is sent to the countryside to live with his uncle after his father is imprisoned and accused of embezzlement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dimitri S (ru) wrote: a good movie.very story.the deaths are good really good.

Frit F (us) wrote: This is honestly one of the strangest and intellectually mature and somewhat uncomfortable films I've seen.I do not fully understand it by any means, but the more I think about, it the more I grasp and appreciate it.The Coen Bros. really did something different here. A Serious Man is one of the Coen Bros. better films. Re-Rate: 8/10 (B+)

Stuart M (au) wrote: I can't imagine who came up with the idea for this film. The basic idea is a combination of the Dirty Dozen with James Bond. And not gritty 2000s Bond, but the old campy one complete with impossible gadgets and American flag parachutes. The two styles combine about as well as you might think. Every attempt to be gritty is undermined by the campiness, and vice versa. And that's why you get Vin Diesel's badass character being the sort of rebel only a 12 year old would believe in. Someone who can steal cars from dicks because they advocate censoring video games but never cross the line into being an actually bad role model. That combined with a poor villain and OTT action scenes that put Fast and Furious to shame without being as interesting is why this film is a total dud.

Catie Li M (es) wrote: This witty movie/play will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing to the end, "Will she get her love or won't she." Very charming movie.

Fong K (it) wrote: A literature professor shares a very intimate journey of her last days battling advanced ovarian cancer, recounting her degradation of health and dignity with time and eventually making peace with death.

Jacob B (ca) wrote: It can't help but lose some of the classic source material's charm as a result of being translated to the big screen and adding multiple things here and there not seen in the book for cinematic purposes. Fortunately, the film manages to rise on the strength of the gleefully over-the-top Jim Carrey in the role of the titular character. The film may not be a holiday classic but it's still a guilty pleasure worth revisiting every once in a while.

Grant S (gb) wrote: Brilliant.Directed by Robert Altman and based on a series of short stories by Raymond Carver, the movie has many different sets of characters, each with their own problems and stories. These stories seem unrelated and running parallel to one another but eventually they all connect, and when they do its in interesting, and sometimes tragic, ways.A very clever, sensitive movie that explores how lives of strangers are connected, and really all of us are connected.Deftly directed by Robert Altman. All-star cast delivers in spades.A 90s classic.

Jake P (ru) wrote: An animation classic that will stay with you forever

Phillip C (ru) wrote: The greatest Ealing Comedy ever. A Timeless and hilarious comedy for any woman whose had car parts in the sink. "Take my advice old chap... and next time that engine dies, take it out and bury it!" Or something to that effect.

Lenny R (au) wrote: Some interesting ideas and decent performances (especially From Connelly), but those ideas aren't developed enough, the movie's sloppily made, and the tone is too light a lot of the time. Plus, Pierce's sort-of-Australian accent is just bizarre and unnecessary.