Children of a Lesser God

Children of a Lesser God

James is a new speech teacher at a school for the deaf. He falls for Sarah, a pupil who decided to stay on at the school rather than venture into the big bad world. She shuns him at first, refusing to read his lips and only using signs. Will her feelings change over time?

James is a new speech teacher at a school for the deaf. He falls for Sarah, a pupil who decided to stay on at the school rather than venture into the big bad world. She shuns him at first, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Altered E (br) wrote: It took me 6 hours to finish this film. Like cyanide, much more than a small dose every couple of hours will kill you. Undoubtedly an intentional low point in an already ridiculous franchise. It's a cinematic experience in the same way that watching the director's cut of Apocalypse Now with a bad fever is an experience. Overall, there are just 2 human actors playing humans (who are trying to build a Thanksgiving theme park), and the rest of the cast is an ensemble of puppets voiced and operated by 2 other people (I get the sense that they were going to make a puppet movie, but then realized they could get a bout 200% more budget if they crowdfunded it as a Thankskilling sequel). The plot starts off in a bizarre place, and only gets weirder, ripping off multiple other established franchises along the way; normally it's a good thing if movies don't follow the formulaic slasher format, but this is an exception. I don't recommend watching this unless you are just too curious to want to see a puppet worm probe a robot's rectum. That's what's in store for you in this movie.

Naveen D (ag) wrote: Had heard not-so-good things about the movie, so watched it with zero expectations - but surprisingly, it turned out to be not-so-bad after all ! Nice songs and good locations makes it a one time watch for sure.

Caitlin S (es) wrote: This film bravely and poignantly explores the metaphysical dilemma of reality and the consequential existential crisis of identity that ensues when this dilemma is addressed by an individual. We are guided on this path of discovery by the story of our protagonist hero, Steve Addington. We follow Add-man on a journey of philosophical realization as his perception of reality and thus the notion his own identity is challenged by a series of worldly trials and tribulations that are set upon him by The Man, Eddie Zarno, who does not cease in totally harshing everyone's mellow for a harrowing 83 minutes. Upon arriving back home to Cali from a surf around the world, Add-man is informed that his old sponsors have been bought out by one Eddie Zarno, and as such Addington is obligated to participate in Zarno's reality show and accompanying virtual reality video game, 'Real Surfer.' While all the rest of Zarno's surfers participate in Real Surfer sans personal moral dilemma, Add-man is just totally buggin. It is at this point that we the audience understand Addington's crisis and are compelled to question reality as well. Real Surfer, both the show and the game, represent 'reality' as we exist in it, and the other surfers' treatment thereof exemplifies how the vast majority of people in this world accept 'reality' as it is presented to them. Is this dimension in which we exist, which we have come to recognize as 'reality,' merely Plato's cave in which we are chained? Could it be that 'reality' is just a word for the culmination of parameters that blind and bind us, arbitrarily put in place by the Powers That Be? Now that we have recognized this existential dilemma, we must also consider the meaning, or lack thereof, of identity. If reality is but a synthesized dimension of existence in which we plod along then the notion of personal identity is null and void. If reality is The Truth as The Man wants us to understand it, then our identities are merely a compilation of others' purposefully misguided perceptions. For as reality exists only in the capacity at which one perceives it, the notion of one's identity is thusly conceived by the sum of external perceptions rather than internalized conclusions. While this series of realizations could understandably send one into a nihilistic tailspin of despair, it is also, alternatively, freeing. If reality and identity are understood to be meaningless external perceptions, then we are free to exist as the purest versions of ourselves, exempli gratia Steve Addington...he's a Surfer, dude

Pete S (de) wrote: A bit chilling of murder, mayhem and gruesome revenge like Buried Alive meets Hostel.

Paul A (it) wrote: This was a good movie the time period of when it was meant to be set was believable and it had some very good acting. I like how it flipped from the boys point of view on things to the girls.. it was kind of interesting seeing how different feelings can occur during a situation.. an original idea and an interesting storyline, worth watching wasn't a bad movie.

Stephanie H (gb) wrote: [center][b][size=3][color=red]OLIVIA HUSSEY[/color][/size][/b][/center][center][b][size=3][color=red]SEAN YOUNG[/color][/size][/b][/center][center][b][size=3][color=red]CHRISTOPHER DENHAM[/color][/size][/b][/center][center] [/center]I am always happy for the chance to use my imagination in a film's plot, but this was kind of ridiculous. I mean, at first thought it was about werewolves! It wasn't. Needless to say, I am not gonna ruin it for the people who have not seen it.The actor who played the smart main character, Alex, was very good in it. However, he made me think I was watching SPUN again. (GOD, PLEASE NO. NEVER AGAIN!) Poor tortured kid.Anyone who wants to chat about the movie, please msg me. I would love to talk about it.My favorite part was when he realized who the chess guy from the park was. It also made me sad though. :(

Joseph C (it) wrote: Chalk this one up as a horrible, cheesy, low budget, groan worthy sequel to the wonderful Paul Verhoeven original. Once you hit the halfway point though, it is worth it just for the "so-bad-it's-good" factor. Can't say I wasn't bored.

Camille L (gb) wrote: Il y a quelques bonnes ides dans ce western absurde ralis par Dwight Yoakam. Dommage qu'elles soient noyes dans un ocan de dialogues inintressants, mal crits et une nue de pistes totalement oublies moins de dix minutes aprs les avoir lances. C'est bien dommage car avec un film qui culmine 130 minutes, on s'attendait beaucoup plus de matire que de longs plans sur la plaine ouest-amricaine avec des personnages qui n'ont aucune origine, aucun futur et aucune complexit. Dwight Yoakam ne semble pas avoir les paules pour tenir le film et c'est plutt Vince Vaughn ou Luke Askew qui sont trs bons. Malheureusement pour le film, ils disparaissent pendant prs d'une heure au milieu... Le score est trs bon.

Santiago R (ag) wrote: Old school, simple, fun.

Robert A (fr) wrote: Excellent photography.The whole cinematography is expertly done.I never found the narrative tedious, balanced by the tension this creates, being inside the photographer's mind.Not the kind of film you would watch with your mother but I recommended it to her.

Elia D (mx) wrote: I think this is the earliest Jimmy Stewart movie I've seen. It was pretty good, even though I have never liked Clark Gable.

John T (it) wrote: I found this version very very very dull and boring.