Children Of Sorrow

Children Of Sorrow

Simon Leach is a very, very sick man. Thriving on despair, pain, and panic, he unites a group of broken and desperate people in the middle of the desert. He showers them with the love and affection they’re so desperate for, but Simon has a much greater plan for his followers.

Ellen, a young woman embeds herself in a cult looking for answers to her sister';s disappearance. However what she soon discovers is that she, along with all of the cult';s companionship-hungry members, are being manipulated to a more sinister and dark end than she could have predicted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerico T (ru) wrote: I can totally feel how lonely the guy was in the movie.

i love rani p (jp) wrote: can't wait to finish watching it love it

Christine S (ag) wrote: This was such a light, guilty pleasure. Yum

Roy O (au) wrote: Very good movie about a deaf boy waiting for his father to return home...his mom has been lying to him for years. Simple yet superb...Who's fooling who? Only negative for me is sometimes hard to understand the strong Irish accents. Could bring a tear.

Will C (jp) wrote: A shallow, uninteresting excuse of a film. It seems to only allege that Billy Zane has a fetish for watching other men schtup his wife.

Paul K (au) wrote: Another gripping portrayal of dysfunction in a family. As with Blue Valentine, questions about paternity loom large. Stellan Skarsgard seems to specialise in alcoholic oil rig roughnecks - last spotted in 'Breaking the Waves'. He plays them very convincingly. Not a film for the squeamish - at least Eleanor didn't stop the movie this time!

Josh H (kr) wrote: Not really anything special with this one. I mean, if you're a KISS fan (I'm not) it's a fitting tribute to their loyal fanbase wrapped up in a coming-of-age movie that you feel like you've seen a million times. It's not really that funny, but it's amusing enough to be worth watching.

Bob B (it) wrote: A British solo 90s version of The Hangover. Shouldn't Martin C be Gary and his be Neil..?

Bloodmarsh K (de) wrote: What these films all have in common, is that the main characters are all dying young.... they just don't die fast enough. This could have been done in 75 minutes.

Donibscottctcisnet D (au) wrote: Stephen King does not disappoint in this movie. It takes you from one extreme of emotion to another. There is a good story line, and the action in the movie to back it up. A must see if you are already a fan of horror.

Leslie D (es) wrote: A slasher that rips off Evil Dead. Cheap but earnest trash, nice old abandoned house setting. Unintentional creepy even though it should be 'rofl': tall guy in make up playing killer grandmother.

Brad S (gb) wrote: I had never seen this one before, and really liked it. It's got a killer cast, Richard Jenkins, Linda Hunt, Brian Dennehy, Jeff Goldblum, John Cleese, Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover and more! It is part action, dram, comedy, has a good pace and is just entertaining. Give it a try if you've never seen it!

Nelson P (mx) wrote: "Inside Daisy Clover" is the earliest movie I've seen that features an actress play on the same field as any of the top actors of the time. Natalie Wood never really got the credit she deserved as an actress, and this was the reason she became the legend she's remembered as. The supporting cast is amazing with Christopher Plummer as the very creepy studio executive and Robert Redford as a closeted Bi-Sexual actor, which seemed incredibly revolutionary for the time it was made. It's kind of the female version "Rebel without a Cause" mixed in with a demented Sherry Temple story.

Dave J (kr) wrote: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 (1963) America, America DRAMA/ ADVENTURE Written, directed and produced by critically acclaimed director Elia Kazan, directing yet his most personal film, which the story is a reflection of his actual uncle before coming to the United States. Despite the almost three hour running time, it's 85% of childhood back lashing his own country which is somewhere in Greece. For the first half hour or so, has Stavros Topouzoglou's (Stathis Giallelis) in the middle of a political struggle between the Armenians and the Greeks. Then the film centers on his exploits, once his family entrusts him with everything they have. And it was there he experiences thieving and liars, for which Stavros has to result to doing as well, if he want to make good on a promise to his dad. It's sometimes very excruciating to watch, since viewers instinctively know when bad stuff is going to happen, if people were to watch as many movies as I have those scenes of bad luck are unnecessary, encouraging me to use my fast-forward button while playing on many scenes and still be able to get what's happening. Also, as a result of watching "America, America" we also get to understand a little about Elia Kazan, the person, as he used to blacklist many people in the film industry, by speaking before the "House Committee on Un-American Activities" in 1952 during the McCarthy era. I just couldn't stop thinking about that era while watching "America, America". Won one Oscar out of 4 nominations. 2 out of 4 stars

Kuri A (kr) wrote: Sometime, you come across a movie that makes you wonder why the f*ck have I not seen this before? Falling Down is one of those.

Wade W (mx) wrote: Food Inc. is one of the best and most important documentaries ever made. It's poignant, accurate and informative and includes real people, touching on real issues within the food industry. It's simply a must-see for everyone of all ages. One of my favorite lines from the film is, "Whenever you check out at the grocery store, you're casting your vote".

nicole w (au) wrote: Also heard that this was a good bette tearjerker!

Edward C (gb) wrote: The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water(2015)Starring: Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Rodger Bumpass, Mr. Lawrence, Clancy Brown, Carolyn Lawrence, Jill Talley, Mary Jo Catlett, and Antonio BanderasDirected By: Paul TibbittReviewHe's leaving his world behind, to redeem himself of these past 10 years.You know I've read reviews for films were people say this just feels like a made for TV movie and well usually for the movies I read those reviews for(X-Files) they were wrong but this SpongeBob movie its definitely a made for TV movie.The film centers on Spongeob and his friends trying to save The Bikini Bottom from chaos as it destroys itself since the krabby patty formula has magically disappeared. The first half of the movie Plankton and SpongeBob are the ones to blame so they try to build a time machine and get the formula back. Once they do they are used as sacrifices for the surface. But when SpongeBob smells krabby pattys him and his friends go up their to retrieve the formula.The movie isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, its acting is alright I mean you know its from the cartoon and its fun for the most part which makes it succeed at its goal. I'm giving SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water a three out of five.