Children of the Corn: Genesis

Children of the Corn: Genesis

Tim and Allie seek shelter in a remote desert compound after becoming lost and stranded. A strange Manson-like character, Preacher, reluctantly allows them inside with strict orders to be gone by morning and not wander "where you are not invited."

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A young couple tries to free an imprisoned child with catastrophic results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Children of the Corn: Genesis torrent reviews

Rafal K (nl) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyable and positive, one of the best movie experiences this year!

Brett B (us) wrote: Great idea, but executed rather poorly. The downbeat theme and non-energy in the script and acting made an interesting theme plod along. It was hard to maintain attention. Would love to see this idea redeveloped.

Robert D (it) wrote: I didn't ever believe people that this was as lame as it turned out to be. Oh well.

Ruben J (mx) wrote: ni tan original, ni tan poco vista, recuerda a montn de peliculas ochenteras, tan de serie B que no viven en el consciente colectivo, amen de paridas varias, el mensaje tampoco es 100% original, esta manido, "Be happy"en boga, sobre todo en tiempos pre crisis... ains.... Interesante no obstante, se deja ver...

John M (gb) wrote: What was it all about? I think I have the answer but it will cost you....

Peter S (ru) wrote: Sexy Emmanuelle Vaugier and her Mustang.

blair k (ca) wrote: I know this twisted ghost story will not be for everyone but I liked it. not right away but after a couple viewing or so when I began to understand the quirkiness and darkness of it I truely give the director( which is better at diecting than he was at acting)(glad he switched careers)credit for trying something new and different. and I don't mean this to sound tacky but does anyone else agree that as far as modern actresses jennifer connelly delivers more believable love scenes than anyone else! I mean there are some scene in this film in particular that you really feel that for as fake as the love scenes are that her and billy are doing things for real! it seems so personal you want to look away. she even tears up while having an orgasm and I have never seen that occur with any other actress before or since. the chemistry of course is always there between them whether they are fighting or making up everything is so intense. they both give their all and it is great to watch it happen. they were good in inventing the abbotts together but in this you can tell how comfortable they are with each other and almost anticipate the other persons reaction to things. some parts are a bit slow but I recommend this indie for anyone wanting something different and dark that makes you think!

Tsukasa A (us) wrote: It's a tasteful movie. 'Calling You' by Jevetta Steele in the soundtrack is really impressive.

Ga R (br) wrote: Best ever movie on Vietnam, so over looked when it comes to the later ones Platoon , Full Metal Jacket, Hambuger hill etc .really worth the 2hrs it takes, you will not be let down.

Nathan M (ru) wrote: Worst werewolf I've ever seen. I demand my dollar back.

Bryan C (kr) wrote: It's a classic '80s action movie in every sense. Grade: A

Tyler Z (kr) wrote: Scared the shit out of me