Children of Winter

Children of Winter

Deep powder. Huge airs. World-class cinematography. Awe-inspiring soundtrack. It's all part of Warren Miller Entertainment's 59th feature film, Children Of Winter. The world's greatest ...

Deep powder. Huge airs. World-class cinematography. Awe-inspiring soundtrack. It's all part of Warren Miller Entertainment's 59th feature film, Children Of Winter. The world's greatest ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Necota S (mx) wrote: Slow in the beginning, but picks up steam and tackles the AA taboo subjects avant garde style as only Spike would!

Sagar S (mx) wrote: Good movie !! Akshay and John were super !

Kevin J (mx) wrote: Typical Wes Anderson...very well done and just a holistically enjoyable movie

Niar E (de) wrote: So funny indeed. I know that the controversies are bigger than that easy thing in the movie, but it's nice to find something entrant even it was a "pig" which is not "Kosher" nor "Halal". It's somehow ironically, light sociopolitical critic dark comedy. A pacifist unusual movie as it talks about a serious matter in non-serious way with nice idea of Sylvain Estibal and good performances. Although I hope, but I really guess this way of dealing cannot change anything real on land.

Fenky G (jp) wrote: awesome movie, for a drama-commedy, it is light, entertaining, and enjoyable.

Mark F (it) wrote: Not too bad but the ending seemed a bit unbelievable. There's no way an assassin would leave witnesses (the main characters) alive for 6+ months. In reality they would have been dead before they found the treasure. I liked the hotties they casted though.

Jason D (br) wrote: Oy Vey! What a hunk of junk this film was! It surprises me that this is from the same creator of the awesome Leprechaun film. Even the creator's inferior Rumpelstiltskin movie was better than this piece of garbage!! Some crazy bitch, her retard brother, and a supposedly magical Ventriloquist dummy (never really explained) go on a killing spree, killing cops, children, has been celebrities, not to mention engaging in incest, kidnapping, and other retarded shenanigans. The film was mildly amusing in one or two parts, but holy crap, this was almost unbearable. The biggest celebrity they had in this film was Brian Krause (Charmed, Stephen King's Sleepwalkers) is given about 40 seconds of screen time and HIS FUCKING NAME IS MISSPELLED ON THE DAMN BOX AND IN THE OPENING CREDITS!!!! WTF!!!

Suga f (ca) wrote: The guys in this movie are hot.

David R (de) wrote: Not bad it was better than I expected but it wasn't funny at all to me

Al P (mx) wrote: Hee Haw haw!!!!!!!!!!

Wildaly M (us) wrote: I'm in-between with this movie. While I liked the story and there were some scenes that were brilliant, there lacked a certain something in this film. That being said, I certainly think it's recommendable to rom-com lovers.

E L (ca) wrote: An otherwise conventional horror/action flick is livened up by Grant's maniacal character.

Issac L (de) wrote: This biographical portrait of Dian Fossey is a meticulously organized character-study work from a strenuous team behind it. The film unscrupulously binds Dian's unusual adventure with an alluring prospect of mystery gorillas' daily lives. Director Michael Apted chooses a slight mawkish route to expose Dian's journey in the African mountains, channeling the ups-and-downs of her inner state, eventually evolving into an almost lunatic status dragging by her incurable fixation towards the creature. The latter part of the film, when Dian dare to sacrifice anything to protect her gorillas, debatably it has an upmost joy to find something worth dying for, which most of us is still looking for and possibly we will never get it. At large the film is demystified to watch, apart from a few unavoidably horrendous scenes of massacring the primates. But a top-form Sigourney Weaver alone merits the viewing, even for sundry OTT segments, she carries the impetus all the way till her very last scene, her fully-committed devotion is an exact paragon of a n assiduous actor bringing through a so-so film to an award-worthy stature. Ms. Weaver gleaned two Oscar nominations that year (another is for supporting actress in WORKING GIRL 1988), but miserably ended both hands empty, a mishap later would fall upon my goddess Julianne Moore in 2003. And Sigourney haven't been nominated since and it's a jinx I wish Ms. Moore is not being affected (but the subsequent snubs of A SINGLE MAN 2009 and THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT 2010 are severely swaying my belief). Back to the film, it has a genuine empathy for whoever holds a heart for the beauty of nature and the fondness for animals. Regardless of Dian's possessed mental overload, her heroic story has effectively rescued the specie from the verge of extinction is the sturdy truth which is recommendable and admirable, maybe the film will be a perfect textbook for high school students and may the world shows bountiful mercy to the afflicted land of Africa.

Josh H (es) wrote: A decent action movie, but I didn't think there was much to it really. I certainly can't say it was bad, but it's not something I'm going to seek out again.

Chris B (kr) wrote: Le Beau Serge is the first film by Claude Chabrol and in his debut creates a wonderful Drama with solid acting and amazing artistic characteristics. The film which was shot in his own childhood village really adds to the feel of the story and made for a beautiful location. In one of the supplementary features the Director now in his old age talks about going back there and how he does so often. Many of the actors meet one another in the village where many still reside to this day, what a fascinating and wonderful place! The story is one that is very down to earth and focuses on tough and emotional topics and make it a heart wrenching watch that is wonderful to view. This is a hugely influential film in the French New Wave, some argue it's the first, but either way it is truly a fascinating gem!

Greg M (jp) wrote: Oscar Micheaux's 1919 film, the oldest surviving film by an African-American director, is a dramatic tale of U.S. race relations in both the North and South.

John O (de) wrote: Wow that was a trip and a half of a movie awesome Visual effects are so good and real They should do a Super Hero movie or Akira it will be so well done You have to watch this

Georgiana A (nl) wrote: Loved it, beautiful film.

Otis S (es) wrote: Really good film . Really funny .

Eric H (nl) wrote: This is another failed film primarily because everything seems to have been modified in order to enhance Stallone's character and performance. If all changes and cuts in the original script hadn't been that evident we could have witnessed a pretty good action film. Some of the characters such as the ones played by Jo Anderson and Viggo Mortensen have been dramatically amputated, mostly in the last case, after an impeccable introduction. In this particular case, such a portrayal of a character is rendered illogical and superfluous by its hasty and unexpected disappearance. Mortensen's character could have meant a very interesting counterpoint to the one played by Sly, however, all this seems to be sacrified for the one hero's sake. Conclusion: another boring action movie full of flat types and topics...