Chilipi Krishnudu

Chilipi Krishnudu


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1978
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Chilipi Krishnudu torrent reviews

Mudit S (nl) wrote: Has been rightly said as the breakthrough movie of Bollywood. Tarantino syle narration, excellent acting and an equally awesome and fresh soundtrack.....

Tsubaki S (nl) wrote: Religious propaganda, to be more precisely, catholic propaganda, about an "evil" fascist regime that bans freedom of cult in Mexico in the future. Of course, by freedom of cult the movie only means catholic faith. But fear not! The "good and noble" poor people can fight this evil power, so that society can escape this materialistic, vicious world, because living without a religious/spiritual belief turns you into a bad corrupted person by default. THE MOAR U KNOW!

Evelyn L (br) wrote: One of the best films. Ever.

Lisa R (es) wrote: Plot interesting...cast great...execution...Disastrous!

Ian C (es) wrote: I had no idea what was going on here but an enjoyable sports flick. Pacino's quality, McGinley is comedy gold and a serious twitch off Diaz. Nice twist at the end aswell.

Nick C (ca) wrote: Your average Godzilla film. visual effects improved over the years.

Russell H (jp) wrote: This was pretty funny all around. Sean Penn is hilarious.

Joe T (jp) wrote: Watchable. But only once.

Oliver E (mx) wrote: This film had the potential to be brilliant but never really cut it.

Scott G (au) wrote: Cheesy and corny, but entertaining. Its a fun film from 1989 and probably could have made more money if would've been released during the Spring not Summer. Maybe somewhere between 20 to 25 million but I'm only guessing. The film needs a remake and hopefully Hulk Hogan can reprise his role and make sure he doesn't make the same mistakes. But this is a great guilty pleasure film even if it is silly.

John W (de) wrote: Now these guys are AMERICAN!!!!

Mariana A (us) wrote: This film was amazing, thought provoking and inspiring. I love a movie that makes me want to do something good and shows how simple it can be with amazing results.

Brian W (nl) wrote: such a great movie. i was left speechless at the end. heart breaking, beautiful, everything i wanted it to be.