China Clipper

China Clipper

An aviator ignores skeptics to make the first commercial flight from San Francisco to China.

Dave Logan takes his regional Pan American airline and with vision and sometimes ruthless determination establishes pan-American and trans-Pacific routes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas B (au) wrote: It's easy to see why this was a hit but after the initial novelty wears off it's incredibly annoying. Full review later.

Matt U (mx) wrote: A study in living a drab existence (not difficult in rural Ukraine, apparently), trying to find meaning in it, and growing up. Recommended.

Johnny L (ru) wrote: Ambitious attempt at metaphor flops.

Bryan G (jp) wrote: This is Mazursky's homage to Woody Allen films. The dialogue between Allen and Midler is what makes this film funny. They both have excellent chemistry. The film's dialogue heavy and there's not to much action. Still it's worth a look.

Matthew S (kr) wrote: The attempt to recreate Fantasia, falls far short of Walt's greatest.

william b (es) wrote: Interesting whodunit with lots of wisecracks.

Anna C (ru) wrote: The movie is not particularly good, but the ending is quite good.